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Welcome to Libero Reviewer

The Product Roadmap for Libero Reviewer has been revisted after the launch of site. This roadmap combined with the site sets out the objectives and our commitments for the product vision.

We are a part of the Coko Community and as such committed to sharing our components with the rest of the publishing via this community.

The aim of the PoC is to demonstrate an implementation a widely used and mature framework for all the heavylifting for solving the technical issues (don't reinvent the wheel). With the aim of sharing domain-specific components (Publishing) via PubSweet for the rest of the community to benefit from.


All documents relevant to this project can be found in the Libero Reviewer Gitbook site.


Combine the various compose files to spin up different environments:

  • docker-compose.yml: semver releases of reviewer components
  • docker-compose.infra.yml: minio (to emulate s3) and postgresql with reviewer schema
  • docker-compose.master.yaml: overlay tracking head of master of reviewer components
  • docker-compose.localhost.yaml: overlay that lets you interacts with the env via localhost:9000

Renovatebot keeps these up to date as new images get pushed to

NOTE: Without the localhost overlay the app won't work if you visit localhost:9000. Instead it is supposed to be accessible at nginx:9000 from inside a container. This is needed so that we can test using the containerized browsertests.

Quick Start

make setup
make start_master_localhost

This will:

The client, submission and continuum-adaptor containers are brought up behind a nginx proxy that routes the various URLs to them. reviewer-mocks is only used to mock the external login service.

You can now e.g. run checkout the reviewer-client repo and run make test_browser.

Other make targets:

  • stop: tear everything down
  • test_integration and test_integration_master: bring stuff up and run the matching browsertest container