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Remove total goal and extra total budget.

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1 parent 644234f commit 694194eb2a7c5180f79605375cfe1d5e39a94646 @benmanns benmanns committed
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  1. +1 −1 app/view/MissionTripTabPanel.js
2 app/view/MissionTripTabPanel.js
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@
}, {
id: 'missionTripBudgetsContainer',
xtype: 'container',
- tpl: '<p>Total Goal: ${TotalGoal}</p><p>Team Budget: ${TeamBudget}</p><p>Member Budget: ${MemberBudget}</p><p>Total Budget: ${TotalBudget}</p><p>Total Expenses: ${TotalExpenses}</p><p>TotalRaised: ${TotalRaised}</p><p>Total Budget: ${TotalBudget}</p>',
+ tpl: '<p>Team Budget: ${TeamBudget}</p><p>Member Budget: ${MemberBudget}</p><p>Total Expenses: ${TotalExpenses}</p><p>Total Raised: ${TotalRaised}</p><p>Total Budget: ${TotalBudget}</p>',
title: 'Budget',
iconCls: 'cashier'

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