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@libertyernie libertyernie released this Jun 20, 2017 · 35 commits to master since this release

Changes in 3.9:

  • BrawlLib has been updated, which might fix some bugs.
  • (Stage Manager) Improved I4 vs. IA4 detection when importing MenSelchrMark or MenSelmapMark images.
  • (Stage Manager) When adding PAT0s, you can now choose not to add the corresponding TEX0s.
  • The "default" Custom SSS code is now correct.
  • (Stage Manager) Fixed a bug in name entry for the random stage select screen.
  • The software will now look for a LegacyTE or LegacyXP folder (just like it looks for a projectm folder.)
  • (Stage Manager) Stage Manager can now read the Tracklist Modifier and Stage-Track Dependent Song Loader codes and use them to show the correct songs for each stage.
  • (Stage Manager) Drag-and-drop targets have been added to replace individual sections of a Legacy TE stage preview.
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