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Ethereum OpenArcade game engine, with state channel support


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What is OpenArcade?

OpenArcade is a game engine for turn based games (or anything alike) on Ethereum.

Current Status

⚠️ OA was originally a graduate capstone project. It is released to the public as free software, however due to its nature, OA is unaudited and likely under-tested.

Many features and tools are still yet to be implemented, such as

  • Documentations and tutorials
  • JavaScript library to interact with the game and the state channel
  • Library interface improvements
  • Hidden state support
  • State channel as a service


  • Easy and simple - You only need to implement an interface of a few functions to get going
  • Library driven - Your game logic is only deployed once, saving gas
  • Batteries included - It comes with many useful utils suchs as a random number generator
  • Out-of-the-box state channel support - Faster and cheaper matches for your game
  • Play for money (or not) - OpenArcade supports high stake competitive games
  • Not just for games - any rule set can be enforced and the generic state channel can be used for whatever you wish


  • See contracts/games for example games developed on OpenArcade!
  • See test folder for client example code

Quick Start

  • Copy the starter template at contracts/games/Starter.sol to contracts/games/MyGame.sol
  • Change the import lines marked with TODO in MyGame.sol
  • Run npm run prebuild to generate
  • Write your game! Implement the functions marked with TODO
  • Write some tests!
    • You can require the mock connector for your game like this in tests
    • See test/games for examples
      const Connect = artifacts.require('MyGameConnectMock')
    • Or you can require your game controller directly
      const Controller = artifacts.require('MyGameController')
  • Put the tests in test folder
  • Run npm test test/{test-file-for-my-game}

Developer Guides

Coming soon

  • Make your first OpenArcade game
  • Common errors and pitfalls

Special thanks to Prof. Joseph Bonneau for guidance on the project


Ethereum OpenArcade game engine, with state channel support







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