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NXT Tipbot for Slack
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Nxt Tipbot

NXT tip bot for Slack.
Written in .NET Core, that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.
.NET Core is an open source development platform from Microsoft.


  • Make public tips in slack channels with NXT, MS Currencies or Assets
  • See your own balance/deposit/withdraw in direct messages with the bot
  • Help command

How to install and run?

  1. Install .NET Core for your platform.
  2. Download latest code of NxtTipbot
  3. Edit the config.json file in the src/NxtTipbot directory and set:
  • apitoken - Slack api token key. - You get this from the owner of the slack team
  • walletFile - Path to where your Sqlite database file should be stored.
  • nxtServerAddress - The server address to the NXT server you wish to use.
  • masterKey - A secure 256-bit password used to generate deterministic secret phrases to each user.
    If this is unset on start, a password will be generated for you.
    Copy it from the command line output and into the config file and restart the program.
  1. In the the src/NxtTipbot directory, type 'dotnet restore' and then 'dotnet run'
  2. Done!

How do I run the automated tests?

  1. Do the install steps above.
  2. In the test/NxtTipbot.Tests directory, type 'dotnet restore' and the 'dotnet test'


  • Improved help command, where you can say "help tip" to get more in depth help of the tip command.
  • On startup, call getBlockchainStatus API function and check isDownloading property. If true, shut down with proper error message.
  • Implement deposit/withdraw for MGW asset(s). Need to verify this with VB.
  • Config option for local signing instead of relying on NRS signing transactions.
  • Add support for self signed certificates when connecting to NXT Server.
  • Utility to restore blockchain backup to sqlite database. (should be a separate application)
  • Config option for posting confirmation on a separate channel, or maybe just as DM to the sender+recipient.
  • Be able to send to NXT aliases as well as @username and NXT addresses.
  • When trying to tip and sender has 0 NXT, use a more humoristic error message, like 'you're all out mate'.
  • Support having tip command as a part of a multi line chat message.
  • Stats command with support for total number of tips sent and total amount sent.
  • Add support for more units (USD, EUR, beer, etc.).
  • Add support for icons as units, ie. a beer icon instead of the text 'beer'.
  • Add file logging (NLog).
  • Use AES 256 encryption for secret phrases.
    Decryption key to be stored in config file/passed as parameter/read from environment variable.
  • Add new command 'initiate' where a public key is provided to initiate a new NXT address.
  • Support for multiple slack teams.
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