Password changer web application for atmoz/sftp.
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Note: Work In Progress. This project is not ready and not functioning yet!

Password changer web application for atmoz/sftp.


This is a self service password changer web application for end users. It is designed to handle the user passwords in the config format specified by an SFTP container (see atmoz/sftp). The configuration is supposed to be mounted for both the SFTP and the password changer application. The SFTP container is listening for the config file changes with inotify.


  • Running in a docker container, where a single golang binary is serving the web page
  • It is supposed to run behind a TLS terminating reverse HTTP proxy
  • It is using Material Design Lite to avoid ugliness


  • GUI
  • Create Dockerfile
  • Real authentication
  • Actual password handling
  • Configuration via env variables
  • Documentation
  • Facing all the quick and dirty solutions

Super extra TODO:

  • Activity log
  • Admin UI