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To build libevent, type
$ ./configure && make
Install as root via
# make install
You can run the regression tests by
$ make verify
Before, reporting any problems, please run the regression tests.
To enable the low-level tracing build the library as:
CFLAGS=-DUSE_DEBUG ./configure [...]
The following people have helped with suggestions, ideas, code or
fixing bugs:
Weston Andros Adamson
William Ahern
Stas Bekman
Andrew Danforth
Mike Davis
Shie Erlich
Alexander von Gernler
Artur Grabowski
Aaron Hopkins
Claudio Jeker
Scott Lamb
Adam Langley
Philip Lewis
David Libenzi
Nick Mathewson
Andrey Matveev
Richard Nyberg
Jon Oberheide
Phil Oelson
Dave Pacheco
Tassilo von Parseval
Pierre Phaneuf
Jon Poland
Bert JW Regeer
Dug Song
If I have forgotten your name, please contact me.
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