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Add more people who wrote patches to the acknowledgments

The names came from grepping ChangeLog for 'patch/code from/by'.
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nmathewson committed Nov 20, 2009
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@@ -75,29 +75,47 @@ fixing bugs:
Weston Andros Adamson
William Ahern
Stas Bekman
+ Ka-Hing Cheung
Andrew Danforth
Christopher Davis
Mike Davis
Shie Erlich
Alexander von Gernler
Artur Grabowski
Aaron Hopkins
+ Tani Hosokawa
Claudio Jeker
+ Valery Kyholodov
+ Marko Kreen
Scott Lamb
Adam Langley
+ Christopher Layne
Philip Lewis
David Libenzi
+ Moshe Litvin
+ Hagne Mahre
+ Lubomir Marinov
Nick Mathewson
+ James Mansion
Andrey Matveev
+ Caitlin Mercer
+ Trond Norbye
Richard Nyberg
Jon Oberheide
Phil Oleson
Dave Pacheco
Tassilo von Parseval
Pierre Phaneuf
+ Ryan Phillips
Jon Poland
Bert JW Regeer
+ Hanna Schroeter
+ Kevin Springborn
+ Ferenc Szalai
Dug Song
+ Zack Weinberg
+ propanbutan
+ mmadia
-If I have forgotten your name, please contact me.
+If we have forgotten your name, please contact us.

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