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Nick Mathewson
Nick Mathewson committed Nov 18, 2012
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-Changes in version 2.1.2-alpha (?? ??? 2012)
+Changes in version 2.1.2-alpha (18 Nov 2012)
+ Libevent 2.1.2-alpha includes more portable for monotonic timers,
+ refactors much of Libevent's internal and external infrastructure,
+ closes some longstanding gaps in the interface, makde other
+ improvements. Ths log below tries to organize features by rough area of
+ effect. It omits a few commits which were pure bugfixes on other commits
+ listed below. For more detail, see the git changelogs. For more
+ insight, see the "whatsnew-2.1.txt" document included in the Libevent
+ 2.1.2-alpha distribution.
+ Libevent 2.1.2-alpha also includes all changes made in 2.0.19-stable
+ through 2.0.21-stable inclusive.
+ Performance (core):
+ o Replace pipe-based notification with EVFILT_USER where possible. This
+ should make multithreaded programs on OSX and *BSD alert the main thread a
+ little faster. (53a07fe)
+ o Make th_base_lock nonrecursive. (9cd5acb)
+ New/Changed API Functions:
+ o New event_get_priority() function to return an event's priority (f90e255)
+ o Add a bufferevent_get_priority() function (bd39554)
+ o Add an event_base_loopcontinue() to tell Libevent to rescan for more
+ events right away (7d6aa5e)
+ o Add a new callback to get called on evbuffer_file_segment free
+ (e9f8feb yangacer, 64051b9)
+ o Expose event_base_foreach_event() as a public API. (84fd6d7 Roman
+ Puls, 232055e, ffe1643)
+ o Add an event_remove_timer() to remove timer on an event without
+ deleting it (e3b2e08)
+ o Make bufferevent_set_timeouts(bev, NULL, NULL) have plausible
+ semantics (9dee36b)
+ o Rename event_enable_lock_debuging() to ..._debugging(). (The old name
+ should still work.) (07e132e)
+ o Add missing implementation for event_enable_debug_logging (3b3e21d)
+ Libevent 2.1.2 includes internal support for monotonic timers on
+ (nearly) all supported platforms, including Windows, and OSX. Libevent
+ applications should now be more resilient to jumps forwards or backwards
+ in the system clock. Also, on Linux systems with epoll, we now
+ optionally support microsecond-level timeouts (whereas epoll only
+ supports millisecond-precision timeouts).
+ o Use mach_absolute_time() for monotonic clock support on OSX. (b8fd6f9)
+ o Do not track use_monotonic field when is no monotonic clock (cb653a0)
+ o EVENT_BASE_FLAG_PRECISE_TIMER indicates we want fine timer precision
+ (ddd69d3)
+ o On Linux, use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE by default (55780a7)
+ o Implement a GetTickCount-based monotonic timer for Windows (d5e1d5a)
+ o Refactor monotonic timer handling into a new type and set of
+ functions; add a gettimeofday-based ratcheting implementation (f5e4eb0)
+ o Add EVENT_PRECISE_TIMER environment var for selecting precise-but-slow
+ timer (a2598ec)
+ o Implement fast/precise monotonic clocks on Windows (2c47045)
+ o Simple unit tests for monotonic timers (630f077)
+ o Improve the monotonic-time unit test: make it check the step size (7428c78)
+ o When PRECISE_TIMERS is set with epoll, use timerfd for microsecond
+ precision (26c7582)
+ o Split out time-related evutil functions into a new evutil_time.c (c419485)
+ o Split out time-related prototypes into time-internal.h (71bca50)
+ o Add evutil_time.obj to Makefile.nmake (0ba0683)
+ o Avoid giving a spurious warning when timerfd support is unavailable
+ (1aaf9f0 Dave Hart)
+ o Make test_evutil_monotonic a little more tolerant (def3b83)
+ o Avoid unused-var warning on systems with clock_gettime but without
+ If a callback added by event_base_once() is never invoked, Libevent no
+ longer leaks internal memory.
+ o Free dangling event_once objects on event_base_free() (c17dd59)
+ o Add a unit test in which an event is created with event_base_once()
+ but never fires (4343edf)
+ Libevent now disables by default its unit tests that would touch the
+ network, or that tend to fail on heavily-loaded systems. To re-enable
+ them, invoke the ./test/regress program with the @all alias.
+ o Simplify code significantly. (9b856fd Ross Lagerwall)
+ o Make all tests that hit the network disabled by default (f2cea87)
+ o Avoid a resource leak on error in http client benchmark (ea92fba)
+ o Update to latest tinytest (911b4f0349377) (ef7c4f7)
+ o Avoid (unlikely) overflow in bench_httpclient.c (5671033)
+ o Shave 700 msec off the persistent_timeout_jump test (21205b8)
+ o Check return value of write() in regress.c (c8009d2)
+ o Make load-dependent monotonic timer tests off-by-default (2b6fe8b)
+ o Add deferred_cb_skew to list of timing-dependent tests (34c8f31)
+ o Avoid test -e; older shs don't have one. (f1bd938)
+ o Fix renegotiation test to work around openssl 1.0.1 bug (c2f3086)
+ o Fix a couple of compile warnings in the unit tests (5a9a014)
+ o Change evutil_weakrand_() to avoid platform random() (e86af4b Nicholas
+ Marriott, 3aa4415)
+INFRASTRUCTURE (Active-later events):
+ As a simplification and optimization to Libevent's "deferred callback"
+ logic (introduced in 2.0 to avoid callback recursion), Libevent now
+ treats all of its deferrable callback types using the same logic it uses
+ for active events. Now deferred events no longer cause priority
+ inversion, no longer require special code to cancel them, and so on.
+ o Refactor the callback part of an event into its own event_callback
+ type (cba59e5)
+ o Add "active later" event_callbacks to supersede deferred (745a63d)
+ o event_base_assert_ok: check value of event_active_count for
+ correctness (fec8bae)
+ o Replace deferred_cbs with event_callback-based implementation. (ae2b84b)
+ o Replace more deferred_cb names with event_callback (a4079aa)
+ o Give event_base_process_active a single exit path (581b5be)
+ o Restore our priority-inversion-prevention code with deferreds (c0e425a)
+ o Refactor event_persist_closure: raise and extract some common logic
+ (bec22b4)
+ o Remove the unused bits from EVLIST_ALL (9889a3d)
+ Libevent 2.1.2-alpha modernizes Libevent's use of autotools, and makes
+ numerous other build system. Parallel builds should be faster, and all
+ builds should be quieter.
+ o Split long lists in into one-item-per-line (2711cda)
+ o Remove unnecessary code in (e65914f Ross Lagerwall)
+ o attempt to support OpenSSL in Makefile.nmake (eba0eb2 Patrick Pelletier)
+ o Use newer syntax for autoconf/automake init (7d60ba8)
+ o Enable silent build rules by default. Override with V=1 (7b18e5c)
+ o Switch to non-recursive makefiles (7092f3b)
+ o Rename subordinate Makefile.ams to (6cdfeeb)
+ o Make quiet build even quieter (371a123)
+ o New --quiet option for (aa59c1e)
+ o Be quiet when making regress.gen.[ch] (607a8ff)
+ o Fix handling of no-python case for nonrecursive make (1e3123d)
+ o We now require automake 1.9 or later. Modernize! (b7f6e89)
+ o Rename to (b3fea67 Ross Lagerwall)
+ o Use correct openssl libs and includes in pkgconfig file (d70af27)
+ o Use the same CFLAGS for openssl when building unit tests as with
+ libevent (1d9d511)
+ o Note that make_base_notifiable should not be necessary (26ee5f9)
+ o Be more clear that LEV_OPT_DEFERRED_ACCEPT has tricky prereqs (371efeb)
+ o Add caveat to docs about bufferevent_free() with data in outbuf (6fab9ee)
+ o Make it more clear that NOLOCK means "I promise, no multithreading"
+ (9444524)
+ o Fix a comment in test-fdleak after 077c7e949. (3881d8f Ross Lagerwall)
+ o Make the Makefile.nmake warning slightly less dire (e7bf4c8)
+ o Fix typo : events instead of evets (05f1aca Azat Khuzhin)
+ o Additional comments about OPENSSL_DIR variable, prompted by Dave Hart
+ (6bde2ef Patrick Pelletier)
+ o ignore LWS after field-content in headers (370a2c0 Artem Germanov)
+ o Clean up rtrim implementation (aa59d80)
+ o Remove trailing tabs in HTTP headers as well. (ac42519)
+ o Remove internal ws from multiline http headers correctly (c6ff381)
+ o Move evutil_rtrim_lws_ to evutil.c where it belongs (61b93af)
+ o add evhttp_request_get_response_code_line (4f4d0c9 Jay R. Wren)
+ o Use EVUTIL_SOCKET_ERROR() wrapper to save/restore errno in
+ evhttp_connection_fail_ (7afbd60)
+ o preserve errno in evhttp_connection_fail_ for inspection by the
+ callback (36d0ee5 Patrick Pelletier)
+ o Correctly handle running on a system where accept4 doesn't work. (9fbfe9b)
+ o Avoid double-free on error in evbuffer_add_file. Found by
+ coverity. (6a81b1f)
+ o Fix another possible uninitialized read in dns regression tests. Found
+ by coverity. (13525c5)
+ o Add checks for functions in test-ratelim.c; found by Coverity (aa501e1)
+ o Avoid memory leak in test_event_calloc unit test; found by coverity
+ (92817a1)
+ o Fix a shadowed variable in addfile_test_readcb; found by coverity
+ (225344c)
+ o Check return value when using LEV_OPT_DEFERRED_ACCEPT. Found by
+ coverity (6487f63)
+ o Prevent reference leak of bufferevent if getaddrinfo fails. (b757786
+ Joachim Bauch)
+ o Make event_base_getnpriorities work with old "implicit base" code
+ (c46cb9c)
+ o Simplify and correct evutil_open_closeonexec_ (0de587f)
+ o Fix event_dlist definition when sys/queue not included (81b6209
+ Derrick Pallas)
Changes in version 2.1.1-alpha (4 Apr 2012)
@@ -92,20 +92,27 @@ fixing bugs:
Lawnstein Chan
Shuo Chen
Ka-Hing Cheung
+ Andrew Cox
+ Paul Croome
+ George Danchev
Andrew Danforth
Ed Day
Christopher Davis
Mike Davis
+ Antony Dovgal
Mihai Draghicioiu
Alexander Drozdov
Mark Ellzey
Shie Erlich
Leonid Evdokimov
+ Juan Pablo Fernandez
Christophe Fillot
Mike Frysinger
Remi Gacogne
+ Artem Germanov
Alexander von Gernler
Artur Grabowski
+ Diwaker Gupta
Sebastian Hahn
Dave Hart
Greg Hazel
@@ -115,13 +122,16 @@ fixing bugs:
Mark Heily
Michael Herf
Greg Hewgill
+ Andrew Hochhaus
Aaron Hopkins
Tani Hosokawa
Jamie Iles
Claudio Jeker
Evan Jones
George Kadianakis
Phua Keat
+ Azat Khuzhin
+ Alexander Klauer
Kevin Ko
Brian Koehmstedt
Marko Kreen
@@ -136,6 +146,7 @@ fixing bugs:
David Libenzi
Yan Lin
Moshe Litvin
+ Simon Liu
Mitchell Livingston
Hagne Mahre
Lubomir Marinov
@@ -157,15 +168,18 @@ fixing bugs:
Jon Oberheide
Phil Oleson
Dave Pacheco
+ Derrick Pallas
Tassilo von Parseval
Catalin Patulea
+ Patrick Pelletier
Simon Perreault
Pierre Phaneuf
Amarin Phaosawasdi
Ryan Phillips
Dimitre Piskyulev
Pavel Plesov
Jon Poland
+ Roman Puls
Nate R
Robert Ransom
Bert JW Regeer
@@ -192,11 +206,13 @@ fixing bugs:
Colin Watt
Zack Weinberg
Jardel Weyrich
+ Jay R. Wren
+ Zack Weinberg
+ yangacer
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