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evp = event_new(base, fd, EV_READ, callback,
+ There's also a new event_base_get_running_event() function you can
+ call from within a Libevent callback to get a pointer to the current
+ event. This should never be strictly necessary, but it's sometimes
+ convenient.
1.3. New debugging features
You can now turn on debug logs at runtime using a new function,
@@ -380,10 +385,6 @@
5. Testing
- On the bright side, there are an extra ~1000 lines of tests since
- Libevent 2.0. Sadly, though, there are ~1850 more lines of C code in
- Libevent itself. This drops the line-coverage rate of our tests from
- our previous 80.2% to a miserable 78.8%. That's better than a lot of
- programs, but it's still not acceptable! Let's write more unit tests.
+ Libevent's test coverage level is more or less unchanged sine before:
+ we still have over 80% line coverage in our tests on Linux and OSX.
+ There are some under-tested modules, though: we need to fix those.

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