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Additional comments about OPENSSL_DIR variable, prompted by Dave Hart

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1 parent eba0eb2 commit 6bde2efd86157a54cf876db36109611f1a840f80 @ppelleti ppelleti committed Jul 10, 2012
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9 Makefile.nmake
@@ -3,7 +3,14 @@
# I'm not very knowledgeable about MSVC and nmake beyond their most basic
# aspects. If anything here looks wrong to you, please let me know.
-# If you want OpenSSL support, uncomment and change to where your OpenSSL is
+# If OPENSSL_DIR is not set, builds without OpenSSL support. If you want
+# OpenSSL support, you can set the OPENSSL_DIR variable to where you
+# installed OpenSSL. This can be done in the environment:
+# set OPENSSL_DIR=c:\openssl
+# Or on the nmake command line:
+# nmake OPENSSL_DIR=C:\openssl -f Makefile.nmake
+# Or by uncommenting the following line here in the makefile...
# OPENSSL_DIR=c:\openssl

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