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@azat azat released this May 25, 2019 · 409 commits to master since this release

Finally 2.1.x stable release - 2.1.10-stable.

This release contains mostly fixes (some evbuffer oddity, AF_UNIX handling in http server, some UB fixes and others) but also some new functionality (without ABI breakage as usual) and now dist archive can be used for building on windows (getopt had been added into it).

I'm not going to attach ChangeLog here (since it is pretty large), but
for those who is curios you can find it here:

It has been tested in next environment (with both cmake/autotools build

  • ubuntu
  • freebsd
  • osx
  • windows
  • netbsd
  • solaris
  • centos

As usual, many thanks to everyone who helped with
debugging/backporting/reporting/testing and fixing issues!

(please note, that you need "libevent-2.1.10-stable.tar.gz" not "Source
code" links, since later requires running ./

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