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bytecode2firm - a Java bytecode front end for libFirm.

  1. Introduction

bytecode2firm is a compiler that translates java bytecode to machine code. Code generation is done with the libfirm intermediate representatin and backend. It is a static (ahead of time) compiler.

It also includes "simplert" a minimal runtime library. This is partially implemented as a shared library and partially as java files.

  1. Building

Make sure you have libfirm and liboo in the current directory. If you have a git checkout you can do:

$ git submodule update --init

Then you can do the usual

$ make

This builds bytecode2firm along with our simple testing runtime.

To run the testsuite for regressions:

$ make test
  1. libgcj runtime

This step is optional.

If you want as much Java library as possible, you need libgcj on your system. Install gcj. bytecode2firm needs, and the precompiled runtime classes from gcj's rt.jar. In Ubuntu, install "libgcj-10 gcj-4.4-jre-lib". (Hint: you might want to make sure that gcj is not your default Java VM afterwards. See "update-alternatives --config X", where X = {java, javac, javah, ...})

For the initial setup, you can execute a script (you might need to adjust the paths used in that script).

$ ./
  1. Running

Make sure build/bytecode2firm is in your PATH. A typical invokation looks like:

$ javac
$ bytecode2firm -cp . Main

There is also a little testsuite at

  1. Contact

You can contact us at


Convert Java bytecode to firm IR




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