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C++ Update reference files for improved printing of entities. Apr 8, 2016
C Add test case of switch jumping into statement expression. Oct 28, 2016
ack Removed superfluous include. Dec 5, 2014
armcode add simple arm pkh test Jun 3, 2014
backend Add another test case with duplicated Proj nodes Dec 15, 2016
bitwise added bitwise benchmark Jun 17, 2011
codegen test to see how initializers containing relocations have to be handled Sep 24, 2015
common Add a common header to properly provide alloca() per platform. Jun 20, 2012
configs Adapt to cparser -mtarget => -target changes Oct 26, 2015
cparser Update reference output for changed warning message. Mar 9, 2016
csmith Reduced test case. Apr 28, 2011
error_correction Add examples where cparser error correction could be improved. Mar 27, 2016
external improve Dec 6, 2015
extreme some code that takes way too long to compiler Dec 10, 2012
gcc Add variant of gcc/pr43784.c. Jul 24, 2015
langshootout Reduced various input sizes to prevent timeouts. Jul 17, 2012
lit Adapt to changed label names of constants. May 17, 2016
llvm make llvm/casts.c independent of int/long/etc. sizes and of libc Dec 2, 2014
opt Simplify test Dec 13, 2016
paranoia Whitespace fixes. May 3, 2011
perf add performance testcase inspired by 176.gcc code Jun 13, 2014
plugins Add support for gnu99 should_fail tests. Oct 28, 2016
preproctest Add new preproc test case. Jun 27, 2016
randprog 2 programs which make cparser fail Jan 22, 2010
scripts Fix and simplify regex checks. May 13, 2016
sparccode User proper memory constraints for inline asm. Sep 28, 2016
test Check that should_fail and should_warn tests have a reference file. Feb 5, 2016
util Fix Ctrl-C not working in makereport Nov 4, 2015
x86_64code Add test case for x86 asm modifier 'c'. Jan 25, 2016
x86code Add test case to check that Store values prevent address mode. Oct 28, 2016
.gitignore some codegen things I had lying around Mar 5, 2014
Makefile Make some targets .PHONY. Aug 27, 2013 Another README addition Nov 8, 2013
fail_expectations_optitest Added optitest plug-in for makereport. Nov 27, 2012
makereport Update expect url Oct 26, 2016

LibFirms C Testsuite

Lots of small C programs testing various parts of our C compiler.

Usually, you just want to execute


The result is printed on screen and also written to the reports/ directory. For more documentation look at the makereport help.

./makereport -h

You can configure things like the c compiler, parallelism, or special CFLAGS.