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  • Allow fuse to be mounted into autofs folder hierarchy

libfuse 3.2.5 (2018-07-24)

  • SECURITY UPDATE: In previous versions of libfuse it was possible to for unprivileged users to specify the allow_other option even when this was forbidden in /etc/fuse.conf. The vulnerability is present only on systems where SELinux is active (including in permissive mode).
  • The fusermount binary has been hardened in several ways to reduce potential attack surface. Most importantly, mountpoints and mount options must now match a hard-coded whitelist. It is expected that this whitelist covers all regular use-cases.
  • Added a test of seekdir to test_syscalls.
  • Fixed readdir bug when non-zero offsets are given to filler and the filesystem client, after reading a whole directory, re-reads it from a non-zero offset e. g. by calling seekdir followed by readdir.

libfuse 3.2.4 (2018-07-11)

  • Fixed rename deadlock on FreeBSD.

libfuse 3.2.3 (2018-05-11)

  • Fixed a number of compiler warnings.

libfuse 3.2.2 (2018-03-31)

  • Added example fuse.conf file.
  • Added "support" for -o nofail mount option (the option is accepted and ignored).
  • Various small bugfixes.

libfuse 3.2.1 (2017-11-14)

  • Various small bugfixes.

libfuse 3.2.0 (2017-09-12)

  • Support for building with autotools has been dropped.
  • Added new fuse_invalidate_path() routine for cache invalidation from the high-level FUSE API, along with an example and tests.
  • There's a new printcap example that can be used to determine the capabilities of the running kernel.
  • fuse_loop_mt() now returns the minus the actual errno if there was an error (instead of just -1).
  • fuse_loop() no longer returns a positive value if the filesystem loop was terminated without errors or signals.
  • Improved documentation of fuse_lowlevel_notify_* functions.
  • fuse_lowlevel_notify_inval_inode() and fuse_lowlevel_notify_inval_entry() now return -ENOSYS instead of an undefined error if the function is not supported by the kernel.
  • Documented the special meaning of the zero offset for the fuse_fill_dir_t function.
  • The passthrough_fh example now works under FreeBSD.
  • libfuse can now be build without libiconv.
  • Fixed support for FUSE_CAP_POSIX_ACL: setting this capability flag had no effect in the previous versions of libfuse 3.x; now ACLs should actually work.
  • Fixed a number of compilation problems under FreeBSD.
  • Fixed installation directory for udev rules.
  • Fixed compilation with LTO.

libfuse 3.1.1 (2017-08-06)

  • Documentation: clarified how filesystems are supposed to process open() and create() flags (see include/fuse_lowlevel.h).
  • Fixed a compilation problem of the passthrough_ll example on 32 bit systems (wrong check and wrong error message).
  • pkg-config is now used to determine the proper directory for udev rules.
  • Fixed a symbol versioning problem that resulted in very strange failures (segfaults, unexpected behavior) in different situations.
  • Fixed a test failure when /tmp is on btrfs.
  • The maximum number of idle worker threads used by fuse_loop_mt() is now configurable.
  • fuse_loop_mt() and fuse_session_loop_mt() now take a struct fuse_loop_config parameter that supersedes the clone_fd parameter.
  • Incorporated several patches from the FreeBSD port. libfuse should now compile under FreeBSD without the need for patches.
  • The passthrough_ll example now supports writeback caching.

libfuse 3.1.0 (2017-07-08)

  • Added new fuse_lib_help() function. File-systems that previously passed a --help option to fuse_new() must now process the --help option internally and call fuse_lib_help() to print the help for generic FUSE options.
  • Fixed description of the fuse_conn_info->time_gran. The default value of zero actually corresponds to full nanosecond resolution, not one second resolution.
  • The init script is now installed into the right location ($DESTDIR/etc/init.d rather than $prefix/$sysconfdir/init.d)
  • The example/passthrough_ll filesystem now supports creating and writing to files.
  • fuse_main() / fuse_remove_signal_handlers(): do not reset SIGPIPE handler to SIG_DFL if it was not set by us.
  • Documented the RENAME_EXCHANGE and RENAME_NOREPLACE flags that may be passed to the rename handler of both the high- and low-level API. Filesystem authors are strongly encouraged to check that these flags are handled correctly.

libfuse 3.0.2 (2017-05-24)

  • Option parsing for the high-level API now works correctly (previously, default values would override specified values).
  • Tests should now build (and run) under FreeBSD.
  • Improved documentation of struct fuse_context
  • Internal: calculate request buffer size from page size and kernel page limit instead of using hardcoded 128 kB limit.

libfuse 3.0.1 (2017-04-10)

  • Re-introduced examples/null.c.
  • Added experimental support for building with Meson.
  • Document that -o auto_unmount implies -o nodev,nosuid.
  • Document that the use_ino option of the high-level interface does not affect the inode that libfuse and the kernel use internally.
  • Fixed test cases for passthrough* examples (they weren't actually testing the examples).
  • Fixed several bugs in the passthrough* examples.

libfuse 3.0.0 (2016-12-08)


    libfuse 3 is designed to be co-installable with libfuse 2. However, some files will be installed by both libfuse 2 and libfuse 3 (e.g. /etc/fuse.conf, the udev and init scripts, and the mount.fuse(8) manpage). These files should be taken from libfuse 3. The format/content is guaranteed to remain backwards compatible with libfuse 2.

    We recommend to ship libfuse2 and libfuse3 in three separate packages: a libfuse-common package that contains files shared by libfuse 2+3 (taken from the libfuse3 tarball), and libfuse2 and libfuse3 packages that contain the shared library and helper programs for the respective version.

  • Fixed test errors when running tests as root.

  • Made check for util-linux version more robust.

  • Added documentation for all fuse capability flags (FUSE_CAP_*) and struct fuse_conn_info fields.

  • fuse_loop(), fuse_loop_mt(), fuse_session_loop() and fuse_session_loop_mt() now return more detailed error codes instead of just -1. See the documentation of fuse_session_loop() for details.

  • The FUSE main loop is now aborted if the file-system requests capabilities that are not supported by the kernel. In this case, the session loop is exited with a return code of -EPROTO.

  • Most file-system capabilities that were opt-in in libfuse2 are now enabled by default. Filesystem developers are encouraged to review the documentation of the FUSE_CAP_* features to ensure that their filesystem is compatible with the new semantics. As before, a particular capability can still be disabled by unsetting the corresponding bit of fuse_conn_info.wants in the init() handler.


  • FUSE filesystems are now responsible for unsetting the setuid/setgid flags when a file is written, truncated, or its owner changed. Previously, this was handled by the kernel but subject to race conditions.

  • The fusermount and mount.fuse binaries have been renamed to fusermount3 and mount.fuse3 to allow co-installation of libfuse 2.x and 3.x

  • Added a max_read field to struct fuse_conn_info. For the time being, the maximum size of read requests has to be specified both there and passed to fuse_session_new() using the -o max_read=<n> mount option. At some point in the future, specifying the mount option will no longer be necessary.

  • Documentation: clarified that the fuse_argv structure that is passed to fuse_new() and fuse_lowlevel_new() must always contain at least one element.

  • The high-level init() handler now receives an additional struct fuse_config pointer that can be used to adjust high-level API specific configuration options.

  • The nopath_flag field of struct fuse_operations has been removed. Instead, a new nullpath_ok flag can now be set in struct fuse_config.

  • File systems that use the low-level API and support lookup requests for '.' and '..' should continue make sure to set the FUSE_CAP_EXPORT_SUPPORT bit in fuse_conn_info->want.

    (This has actually always been the case, but was not very obvious from the documentation).

  • The help text generated by fuse_lowlevel_help(), fuse_new() (and indirectly fuse_main()) no longer includes options that are unlikely to be of interest to end-users. The full list of accepted options is now included in the respective function's documentation (located in the fuse.h/fuse_lowlevel.h and doc/html).

  • The -o nopath option has been dropped - it never actually did anything (since it is unconditionally overwritten with the value of the nopath flag in `struct fuse_operations).

  • The -o large_read mount option has been dropped. Hopefully no one uses a Linux 2.4 kernel anymore.

  • The -o nonempty mount point has been removed, mounting over non-empty directories is now always allowed. This brings the behavior of FUSE file systems in-line with the behavior of the regular mount command.

    File systems that do not want to allow mounting to non-empty directories should perform this check themselves before handing control to libfuse.

  • The chmod, chown, truncate, utimens and getattr handlers of the high-level API now all receive an additional struct fuse_file_info pointer (which, however, may be NULL even if the file is currently open).

    The fgetattr and ftruncate handlers have become obsolete and have been removed.

  • The fuse_session_new function no longer accepts the -o clone_fd option. Instead, this has become a parameter of the fuse_session_loop_mt and ``fuse_loop_mt` functions.

  • For low-level file systems that implement the write_buf handler, the splice_read option is now enabled by default. As usual, this can be changed in the file system's init handler.

  • The treatment of low-level options has been made more consistent:

    Options that can be set in the init() handler (via the fuse_conn_info parameter) can now be set only here, i.e. fuse_session_new() no longer accepts arguments that change the fuse_conn_info object before or after the call do init(). As a side effect, this removes the ambiguity where some options can be overwritten by init(), while others overwrite the choices made by init().

    For file systems that wish to offer command line options for these settings, the new fuse_parse_conn_info_opts() and fuse_apply_conn_info_opts() functions are available.

    Consequently, the fuse_lowlevel_help() method has been dropped.

  • The async_read field in struct fuse_conn_info has been removed. To determine if the kernel supports asynchronous reads, file systems should check the FUSE_CAP_ASYNC_READ bit of the capable field. To enable/disable asynchronous reads, file systems should set the flag in the wanted field.

  • The fuse_parse_cmdline function no longer prints out help when the --verbose or --help flags are given. This needs to be done by the file system (e.g. using the fuse_cmdline_help() and fuse_lowlevel_help() functions).

  • Added example/cuse_client.c to test example/cuse.c.

  • Removed example/null.c. This has not been working for a while for unknown reasons -- maybe because it tries to treat the mountpoint as a file rather than a directory?

  • There are several new examples that demonstrate the use of the fuse_lowlevel_notify_* functions:

    • example/notify_store_retrieve.c
    • example/notify_inval_inode.c
    • example/notify_inval_entry.c
  • The -o big_writes mount option has been removed. It is now always active. File systems that want to limit the size of write requests should use the -o max_write=<N> option instead.

  • The fuse_lowlevel_new function has been renamed to fuse_session_new and no longer interprets the --version or --help options. To print help or version information, use the new fuse_lowlevel_help and fuse_lowlevel_version functions.

  • The allow_other and allow_root mount options (accepted by fuse_session_new()) may now be specified together. In this case, allow_root takes precedence.

  • There are new fuse_session_unmount and fuse_session_mount functions that should be used in the low-level API. The fuse_mount and fuse_unmount functions should be used with the high-level API only.

  • Neither fuse_mount nor fuse_session_mount take struct fuse_opts parameters anymore. Mount options are parsed by fuse_new (for the high-level API) and fuse_session_new (for the low-level API) instead. To print help or version information, use the new fuse_mount_help and fuse_mount_version functions.

  • The fuse_lowlevel_notify_* functions now all take a struct fuse_session parameter instead of a struct fuse_chan.

  • The channel interface (fuse_chan_* functions) has been made private. As a result, the typical initialization sequence of a low-level file system has changed from

    ch = fuse_mount(mountpoint, &args);
    se = fuse_lowlevel_new(&args, &lo_oper, sizeof(lo_oper), &lo);
    fuse_session_add_chan(se, ch);
    if (mt)
    fuse_unmount(mountpoint, ch);


    se = fuse_session_new(&args, &ll_ops, sizeof(ll_ops), NULL);
    fuse_session_mount(se, mountpoint);
    if (mt)

    The typical high-level setup has changed from

    ch = fuse_mount(*mountpoint, &args);
    fuse = fuse_new(ch, &args, op, op_size, user_data);
    se = fuse_get_session(fuse);
    if (mt)
    fuse_unmount(mountpoint, ch);


    fuse = fuse_new(&args, op, op_size, user_data);
    se = fuse_get_session(fuse);
    fuse_mount(fuse, mountpoint);
     if (mt)

    File systems that use fuse_main are not affected by this change.

    For integration with custom event loops, the new fuse_session_fd function provides the file descriptor that's used for communication with the kernel.

  • Added clone_fd option. This creates a separate device file descriptor for each processing thread, which might improve performance.

  • Added writeback_cache option. With kernel 3.14 and newer this enables write-back caching which can significantly improve performance.

  • Added async_dio option. With kernel 3.13 and newer, this allows direct I/O to be done asynchronously.

  • The (high- and low-level) rename handlers now takes a flags parameter (with values corresponding to the renameat2 system call introduced in Linux 3.15).

  • The "ulockmgr_server" has been dropped.

  • There is a new (low-level) readdirplus handler, with a corresponding example in examples/fuse_lo-plus.c and a new fuse_add_direntry_plus API function.

  • The (high-level) readdir handler now takes a flags argument.

  • The (high-level) filler function passed to readdir now takes an additional flags argument.

  • The (high-level) getdir handler has been dropped.

  • The flag_nullpath_ok and flag_utime_omit_ok flags have been dropped.

  • The (high-level) utime handler has been dropped.

  • The fuse_invalidate function has been removed.

  • The fuse_is_lib_option function has been removed.

  • The fh_old member of struct fuse_file_info has been dropped.

  • The type of the writepage member of struct fuse_file_info was changed from int to unsigned int.

  • The struct fuse_file_info gained a new poll_events member.

  • There is a new fuse_pkgversion function.

  • The fuse_off_t and fuse_ino_t changed from unsigned long to uint64_t, i.e. they are now 64 bits also on 32-bit systems.

  • The type of the generation member of `struct fuse_entry_param* changed from unsigned to uint64_t.

  • The (low-level) setattr handler gained a FUSE_SET_ATTR_CTIME bit for its *to_set parameter.

  • The struct fuse_session_ops data structure has been dropped.

  • The documentation has been clarified and improved in many places.

FUSE 2.9.7 (2016-06-20)

  • Added SELinux support.
  • Fixed race-condition when session is terminated right after starting a FUSE file system.

FUSE 2.9.6 (2016-04-23)

  • Tarball now includes documentation.
  • Shared-object version has now been bumped correctly.

FUSE 2.9.5 (2016-01-14)

  • New maintainer: Nikolaus Rath <>. Many thanks to Miklos Szeredi <> for bringing FUSE to where it is now!
  • fix warning in mount.c:receive_fd(). Reported by Albert Berger
  • fix possible memory leak. Reported by Jose R. Guzman

FUSE 2.9.4 (2015-05-22)

  • fix exec environment for mount and umount. Found by Tavis Ormandy (CVE-2015-3202).
  • fix fuse_remove_signal_handlers() to properly restore the default signal handler. Reported by: Chris Johnson
  • highlevel API: fix directory file handle passed to ioctl() method. Reported by Eric Biggers
  • libfuse: document deadlock avoidance for fuse_notify_inval_entry() and fuse_notify_delete()
  • fusermount, libfuse: send value as unsigned in "user_id=" and "group_id=" options. Uids/gids larger than 2147483647 would result in EINVAL when mounting the filesystem. This also needs a fix in the kernel.
  • Initialize stat buffer passed to ->getattr() and ->fgetattr() to zero in all cases. Reported by Daniel Iwan
  • libfuse: Add missing includes. This allows compiling fuse with musl. Patch by Daniel Thau

Older Versions (before 2013-01-01)

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