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Python 2.x/3.x bindings for libfuse 2.x
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fuseparts Bump version to 0.3.1 Apr 18, 2018
util Meta files face lift. May 15, 2007
.gitignore Add dist and egg-info directories to .gitignore Apr 6, 2018
.travis.yml Proper quoting for "Hello World!" test Apr 18, 2018
AUTHORS Document Cédric Carrée as IOCTL support author Apr 18, 2018
COPYING added licensing information Jun 1, 2006
FAQ Change links from to… Mar 22, 2018
INSTALL Resolve some Python 2.3 compatibility problems. Jul 17, 2006
README.historic Restructured source tree, updated docs/metainformation. Jun 6, 2006 Add travis-ci status to Apr 6, 2018
README.new_fusepy_api Change links from to… Mar 22, 2018
README.package_maintainers Meta files face lift. May 15, 2007 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' Apr 16, 2018 Fix generation of in (tested against hg 1… Apr 14, 2010 Update author and maintainer fields in Apr 6, 2018

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