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Bugs fixes releases, Windows (and vcpkg support) , MacOs and Mingw Builds fixes

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@pierrejoye pierrejoye released this 12 Sep 14:43
· 75 commits to master since this release

The LibGD team is proud to announce the 2.3.3 release of libgd. This release brings a few fixes as well as improved compilations and builds on all platforms. On Windows, vcpkg to install libGd dependencies is now well supported.


  • #759 update cmake to generate config.h in the build dir
  • #756 2.3.3 release
  • #750 gdPutBuf return value check
  • #729 HEIF builds fail with latest distros
  • #678 segfault in heif tests due to missing label.heic
  • #677 Test failure avif/compare_avif_to_png with libavif-0.8.2
  • #661 imagecopyresampled() produce artifacts on transparent PNG
  • #611 Fixes to build v2.3.0 on Windows with MinGW-w64
  • #415 optimize option in gif animation causes segfault
  • #331 _gdContributionsCalc() always uses DEFAULT_BOX_RADIUS
  • #320 gdImageRotateInterpolated() converts the source image to truecolor
  • #249 CMake and Makefiles build broken on Windows
  • #93 gdImageScaleTwoPass() looses top row and left column