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What is Ashley?

A tiny entity framework written in Java. It is inspired by frameworks like Ash (hence the name) and Artemis. Ashley tries to be a high-performance entity framework without the use of black-magic and thus making the API easy and transparent to use.

You do not know what an Component Based Entity System (ECS) is? Check the About Entity Systems page first.

Here is a list of games made with Ashley.

About this wiki

Throughout this wiki, we will cover the entirety of Ashley, the fundamentals of Entity Systems and how to design games following this approach.

This is a manual, for a comprehensive API reference, check the official javadocs.

Technical considerations

Ashley is compatible with Java 6 and GWT, which means you can also target the browser.

Thanks to its Apache 2.0 license, users have the freedom to use it, modify it and redistribute as they please. Commercial purposes are perfectly allowed.

Rest assured, we're continuously testing Ashley with Jenkins and JUnit.

Build Status

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