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- Updated to libgdx 1.9.8
- API Addition: Allow to use inner classes in btree files
- API Addition: parallel task now supports different child execution strategies (orchestrators)
- API Addition: allow unsupported type parsing for task attributes
- API Change and Addition: Allow use of Pool with Behavior Tree
* Task reset method renamed resetTask to avoid conflicts with Poolable interface.
* Task implements Poolable interface.
* Pool based behavior tree library implementation provided.
- Updated to libgdx 1.9.5
- Fix: division by zero in Separation behavior.
- Fix: in FollowFlowField behavior the predicted position was affecting steering.
- Fix: stackoverflow in Sequence with guarded Task.
- API Addition: ability to remove steering behaviors from BlendedSteering.
- API Addition: method to check the registration of an archetype tree.
- Updated to libgdx 1.9.1
- API Change and Addition: Pathfinding API
* Added method getIndex to the interface IndexedGraph.
* Removed classes DefaultIndexedGraph and IndexedNode.
- API Change and Addition: Behavior Tree API extended to make it easier to think and design in terms of states, see
* Added ability to guard any task.
* Added branch task DynamicGuardSelector.
* Now the text format supports internal sub-trees that, besides improving reuse and readability, allow you to use composite guards.
* Now the parser is able to report comments, which can be useful for certain tools such as graphical editors.
- Updated to libgdx 1.7.1
- API Addition: added GdxAI service locator that reduces coupling with libgdx and allows you to use gdx-ai
out of a libgdx application without having to initialize libgdx environment, so avoiding the waste of resources
and the need of native libraries; see
- API Change and Addition: Messaging API
* Removed delta time argument from the update method of the MessageDispatcher; the new GdxAI.getTimepiece().getTime() is internally used instead.
* Added return receipt support, see
* The report method of PendingMessageCallback now takes an additional argument for the return receipt.
- API Change and Addition: State Machine API
* Now the StateMachine interface has a generic type parameter for the state.
* Added owner's getter and setter to the DefaultStateMachine; also, the owner is now optional in constructor.
- API Change and Addition: Behavior tree API revised and improved, see
* Now tasks have a status that is updated each time they run.
* Added enum support in behavior tree files.
* Now parallel task can specify sequence or selector policy.
* Added cancel method for task termination, mainly used by the parallel task.
* Now you can add listeners to the tree in order to be notified when a task has run and a child is added.
* Now task methods setControl, success and fail are final.
* Now method addChild is final and Task's subclasses have to implement addChildToTask.
* Added decorator tasks Repeat and Random.
* Added leaf tasks Failure, Success and Wait.
* Added branch tasks RandomSelector and RandomSequence; removed deterministic attribute from Selector and Sequence.
* Now the UntilFail decorator succeeds when its child fails.
* Added ability to clone tasks through third-party libraries like Kryo.
* Added support for custom distributions in behavior tree files.
* Now LeafTask usage is less error prone thanks to the execute method.
- Updated to libgdx 1.7.0
- API Change: now tasks take the blackboard object from the behavior tree they belong to.
- Fix: now the wander rate of the wander steering behavior is expressed in radian per second to make it frame rate independent.
- API Change: now behavior trees support annotations to define attributes and constraints in task classes.
- Fix: now the reach orientation behavior always chooses the shortest rotation angle.
- API Addition: added Formation Motion API, see
- API Change: the Steering Behavior API has slightly changed to interact with the new Formation Motion API.
- API Addition: added random distributions to behavior trees.
- API Addition: added shortcut methods to send telegrams without specifying a sender.
- API Addition: added capability to reset behavior trees.
- API Addition: added zero speed threshold to the Limiter interface.
- API Change: moved singleton capability of the MessageDispatcher to MessageManager, meaning that you can now use multiple message dispatchers if needed.
- API Addition: added capability to register programmatically created behavior tree archetypes in BehaviorTreeLibrary.
- API Addition: added capability to scan pending telegrams, so they can be saved and subsequently restored on game loading, see
- API Addition: added pathfinding and path smoothing, see
- API Addition: added scheduling API supporting task time slicing over several frames, see
- API Change: moved raycast classes to the common package
- API Addition: added collides method to RaycastCollisionDetector.
- API Change: now Ray has start and end points instead of an origin and a direction.
- API Addition: added behaviors trees (thanks implicit-invocation), see
- API Addition: added steering behaviors, see
- API Addition: added support for telegram providers, see
- API Change: MessageDispatcher's dispatchDelayedMessages renamed to update which now takes deltaTime as input to properly support game pause; removed time granularity.
- API Change: renamed Agent to Telegraph and moved it to msg package. Also, removed the update method.
- API Addition: now StateMachine implements Telegraph.
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