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- unfixable: client side arrays (vertex arrays) are unsupported. VertexArray and IndexArray class simulate VAs via
VBOs so SpriteBatch etc. still work as intended.
- getters are not implemented, some are not supported by WebGL
- uniform location id allocation returns multiple ids if one queries for one uniform multiple times. Not an issue as long
as you don't start comparing those ids to each other.
- mapping of a couple of (minor) keys is bad, see FIXMEs
- only internal and defined classpath files are supported.
- if you try to access an audio file or an image file via FileHandle#read() and other such methods,
you won't get anything sensible.
- binary files specified in the assets.txt file can be opened but are slow to read, avoid if possible.
- Reflection is available for defined classes. Please see
[BufferUtils emu]
- BufferUtils#newLongBuffer() works but will not return a direct buffer. Since we don't pass long
buffers to OpenGL ES we should be fine.
[Texture emu]
- all textures are RGBA8888, i have yet to find a way to get proper pixel formats working.
[Pixmap emu]
- All Pixmaps have RGBA8888 as the internal format, i have yet to find a way to fix that. Doesn't seem
feasible due to the use of Canvas.
- This is highly experimental and hacked. Pixmap#getPixels() returns an IntBuffer that contains a single
integer. You can not read pixel data with this method!
- Colors returned by Pixmap#getPixel() may slightly deviate from the original colors on some browsers on
MacOSX due to the use of ImageIO which modifies colors while decoding PNGs...
- everything else should work as intended, some things might deviate from the usual behaviour a bit.
[NumberUtils emu]
- double to long, long to double methods return 0.
[InputStreamReader emu]
- assumes encoding is UTF-8, always.
[System emu]
- ripped from GWT with additions by jgw.
- Excluded explicitely in .classpath of gdx-backends-gwt!
- Excluded from ant build (build-template.xml)!
[Unsupported Classes]