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Fix edge case where PixmapPacker eats all memory in infinite recursion #191

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Please check if I got this right; there is no test for it, and I can't seem to use my own libgdx build in my game right now.


Wow, never seen this. Wonder why your patch would fix an infinite loop, but it sure looks nicer :)


The "+ borderPixels" is on the wrong side of the ">=" sign. So if the image almost, or exactly, fits inside the page, but wouldn't fit if you include the border, no exception is thrown. But node will always be null since it doesn't fit, so a new page is created (eating an MB of ram for 512x512 pages) and the whole thing recursively starts over again :)


Wow, i thought i merged this. Sorry, merged now, thanks!

@badlogic badlogic merged commit 241858a into libgdx:master
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  1. +3 −3 gdx/src/com/badlogic/gdx/graphics/g2d/
6 gdx/src/com/badlogic/gdx/graphics/g2d/
@@ -158,10 +158,10 @@ public synchronized Rectangle pack (String name, Pixmap image) {
int borderPixels = padding + (duplicateBorder ? 1 : 0);
borderPixels <<= 1;
- if (image.getWidth() >= pageWidth + borderPixels || image.getHeight() >= pageHeight + borderPixels)
- throw new GdxRuntimeException("page size for '" + name + "' to small");
Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(0, 0, image.getWidth() + borderPixels, image.getHeight() + borderPixels);
+ if (rect.getWidth() > pageWidth || rect.getHeight() > pageHeight)
+ throw new GdxRuntimeException("page size for '" + name + "' to small");
Node node = insert(currPage.root, rect);
if (node == null) {
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