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LibGdx makes use of bitmap files (pngs) to render fonts. Each glyph in the font has a corresponding TextureRegion.

BitmapFont class (code)

BitmapFont was refactored for the LibGdx 1.5.6 release. This blog post has details about the changes and also a small example showing how to move from pre 1.5.6 code to the new API.

A tutorial on using BitmapFont is available on

File format specifications for the font file

References point to bmFont being originally created by Andreas Jönsson over at AngelCode

BMFont - the original specification for the file format.

Glyph Designer - Details about output, include a binary format.

Tools for Creating Bitmaps

Hiero - a utility for converting a system font to a bitmap

ShoeBox - lets you load customized glyphs from an image, and then create a bitmap font from them. There's a great tutorial for using it with libgdx.

Glyph Designer - a commercial bitmap font tool with a wide variety of options for shadows, gradients, stroke, etc.

Littera - online bitmap font generator, with a great amount of customizations (needs Adobe Flash).

Other Tools

FreeTypeFontGenerator - generating bitmaps for fonts instead of supplying a pre-rendered bitmap made by utilities like Hiero

Examples : (more)

FreeTypeFontGenerator generator = new FreeTypeFontGenerator(Gdx.files.internal("data/unbom.ttf"));

FreeTypeFontParameter parameter = new FreeTypeFontParameter();
parameter.size = 18;
parameter.characters = "한국어/조선�?";

BitmapFont koreanFont = generator.generateFont(parameter);

parameter.characters = FreeTypeFontGenerator.DEFAULT_CHARS;
generator = new FreeTypeFontGenerator(Gdx.files.internal("data/russkij.ttf"));
BitmapFont cyrillicFont = generator.generateFont(parameter);

Distance field fonts - useful for scaling/rotating fonts without ugly artifacts

gdx-smart-font - unofficial libgdx addon for automatically generating and caching bitmap fonts based on screen size. (Uses FreeTypeFontGenerator)

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