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Preliminary note: Given the nature of this page's content it is likely that some of the links displayed here might become offline or even change. If you spot some broken link or wrong information please contact us or edit this page (all you need is a github account!) so we can fix it and maintain this webpage as up-to-date as possible. Please consider also sharing with us new websites that are not currently here. Thank you.

General Tutorial Websites

These are webpages where individuals or companies write about their experience with libGDX from a technical perspective. Some of the tutorials present in these pages are also referenced below in more topic specific sections but if you're just looking to some websites where people talk about their general experiences with libGDX you should start here.

Topic Specific Tutorials

Porting your project to Windows 8.1 Desktop/Tablet and Phone

AdMob integration for LibGDX Android projects


Libgdx offers official support for Internationalization and Localization since version 1.1.0. This is the recommended approach from now on. However, if you're using an older version of Libgdx you might be interested in the following articles:



Performance Related




Wiki containing various examples and information about Shaders. There is some information that is libGDX specific and some that is generic and that you can reuse in libGDX as well.


This is a small library to make using shaders and frame-buffers easier in libgdx. Comes with a collection of sample GLSL shaders.

Online Shader Tools

This websites will let you play with WebGL (provided your browser supports it) and see the code behind it.

Tile based games

External Tools & Frameworks

Open-Source projects

These are interesting open-source projects found on the web that use libGDX. This list is intentionally kept as clean and interesting as possible (you won't see repeated projects nor Hello-World kind-of-games here).