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The Application interface provides simple logging facilities that give granular control.

A message can be a normal info message, an error message with an optional exception or a debug message:

Gdx.app.log("MyTag", "my informative message");
Gdx.app.error("MyTag", "my error message", exception);
Gdx.app.debug("MyTag", "my debug message");

Depending on the platform, the messages are logged to the console (desktop), LogCat (Android) or a GWT TextArea provided in the GwtApplicationConfiguration or created automatically (html5).

Logging can be limited to a specific logging level:


where logLevel can be one of the following values:

  • Application.LOG_NONE: mutes all logging.
  • Application.LOG_DEBUG: logs all messages.
  • Application.LOG_ERROR: logs only error messages.
  • Application.LOG_INFO: logs error and normal messages.

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