Streaming music

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For any sound that's longer than a few seconds it is preferable to stream it from disk instead of fully loading it into RAM. Libgdx provides a Music interface that lets you do that.

To load a Music instance we can do the following:

Music music ="data/mymusic.mp3"));

This loads an MP3 file called "mymusic.mp3" from the internal directory data.

Playing back the music instance works as follows:;

Of course you can set various playback attributes of the Music instance:

music.setVolume(0.5f);                 // sets the volume to half the maximum volume
music.setLooping(true);                // will repeat playback until music.stop() is called
music.stop();                          // stops the playback
music.pause();                         // pauses the playback;                          // resumes the playback
boolean isPlaying = music.isPlaying(); // obvious :)
boolean isLooping = music.isLooping(); // obvious as well :)
float position = music.getPosition();  // returns the playback position in seconds

Music instances are heavy, you should usually not have more than one or two at most loaded.

A Music instance needs to be disposed if it is no longer needed, to free up resources.


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