Fix a couple of warnings under gcc 4.7.2 #33

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During compilation using gcc 4.7.2 compiler we noticed a couple of warnings.

  1. -Woverloaded-virtual: it warns about functions that might not be overloaded because of a typo in their signature
  2. Unsigned variables cannot be less than zero.
  3. Unused parameters produce warnings.

Also we add some const to intersects methods, because they are constant.


the ::geos::ignore_unused_variable_warning(label) is supposedly there specifically to avoid that warning, maybe the issue should be fixed there ?

strk commented Jun 20, 2014

Thanks, I've fixed the PreparedPoint virtual:
I'm not going to merge the rest as it contains mixed style and functional changes.
Happy to look at another functional-only change if you'll make one.

@strk strk closed this Jun 20, 2014
@strk strk pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 20, 2014
Sandro Santilli Fix PreparedPoint::intersects signature to match the upper virtual
Thanks Mikhail Veltishchev for pointing out
See #33

git-svn-id: 5242fede-7e19-0410-aef8-94bd7d2200fb

You're absolutely right, it will be much better to separate them. I'll split them and submit in separate PRs.

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