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Delphi bindings for libgit2
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tests Clar tests for network
.gitignore Some tests converted from libgit2 passing
LIBGIT2_sha Updated code works with libgit2 v0.16.0
LICENSE Add License Cleanup for v0.13.0
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GitForDelphi - Delphi bindings to libgit2

GitForDelphi allows you to work with git repositories from within your Delphi code, with the only dependencies being the uGitForDelphi.pas source file and the libgit2 DLL.

To use, just add uGitForDelphi to the uses section, and call InitLibgit2; and the libgit2 DLL will be loaded, and its API will be ready to use to read from, create and edit git repositories.

Current status

Currently, GitForDelphi is exposing the libgit2 C API exactly, all function exports from git2.dll have been converted, including necessary structures. Some of the tests from libgit2 have been converted and are all passing.

I intend to make a wrapper class, TGitRepository to give a nicer Delphi-like interface to working with repositories.

pre-built libgit2 DLL:

git2.dll built from Visual C++ 2010 Express is in the binary branch, you can use it while in the master branch like this

git checkout origin/binary -- tests/git2.dll; git reset tests/git2.dll

See LIBGIT2_sha file for the libgit2 commit that the dll and code are currently based on.


MIT. See LICENSE file.

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