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We don't use C99

So say we use portable C, as portability to MSVC is the reason we
can't use C99.
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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ <h2 id="started">Getting started</h2>
<li>licensed under a <b>very permissive license</b> so you can use it anywhere</li>
<li><b>faster</b> than any other Git library</li>
- <li>written in standards compilant <b>C99</b></li>
+ <li>written in portable and standards compilant <b>C</b></li>
<li>completely <b>multi-platform</b>: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, xBSD and more</li>
<li>compiled <b>natively</b> under all platforms (yes, even MSVC on Windows)</li>
<li><b>re-entrant</b>, with sane error handling</li>

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