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* Copyright (C) 2009-2012 the libgit2 contributors
* This file is part of libgit2, distributed under the GNU GPL v2 with
* a Linking Exception. For full terms see the included COPYING file.
#ifndef INCLUDE_iterator_h__
#define INCLUDE_iterator_h__
#include "common.h"
#include "git2/index.h"
typedef struct git_iterator git_iterator;
typedef enum {
} git_iterator_type_t;
struct git_iterator {
git_iterator_type_t type;
char *start;
char *end;
int (*current)(git_iterator *, const git_index_entry **);
int (*at_end)(git_iterator *);
int (*advance)(git_iterator *, const git_index_entry **);
int (*seek)(git_iterator *, const char *prefix);
int (*reset)(git_iterator *);
void (*free)(git_iterator *);
extern int git_iterator_for_nothing(git_iterator **iter);
extern int git_iterator_for_tree_range(
git_iterator **iter, git_repository *repo, git_tree *tree,
const char *start, const char *end);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_for_tree(
git_iterator **iter, git_repository *repo, git_tree *tree)
return git_iterator_for_tree_range(iter, repo, tree, NULL, NULL);
extern int git_iterator_for_index_range(
git_iterator **iter, git_repository *repo,
const char *start, const char *end);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_for_index(
git_iterator **iter, git_repository *repo)
return git_iterator_for_index_range(iter, repo, NULL, NULL);
extern int git_iterator_for_workdir_range(
git_iterator **iter, git_repository *repo,
const char *start, const char *end);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_for_workdir(
git_iterator **iter, git_repository *repo)
return git_iterator_for_workdir_range(iter, repo, NULL, NULL);
/* Entry is not guaranteed to be fully populated. For a tree iterator,
* we will only populate the mode, oid and path, for example. For a workdir
* iterator, we will not populate the oid.
* You do not need to free the entry. It is still "owned" by the iterator.
* Once you call `git_iterator_advance`, then content of the old entry is
* no longer guaranteed to be valid.
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_current(
git_iterator *iter, const git_index_entry **entry)
return iter->current(iter, entry);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_at_end(git_iterator *iter)
return iter->at_end(iter);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_advance(
git_iterator *iter, const git_index_entry **entry)
return iter->advance(iter, entry);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_seek(
git_iterator *iter, const char *prefix)
return iter->seek(iter, prefix);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_iterator_reset(git_iterator *iter)
return iter->reset(iter);
GIT_INLINE(void) git_iterator_free(git_iterator *iter)
if (iter == NULL)
memset(iter, 0, sizeof(*iter));
GIT_INLINE(git_iterator_type_t) git_iterator_type(git_iterator *iter)
return iter->type;
extern int git_iterator_current_tree_entry(
git_iterator *iter, const git_tree_entry **tree_entry);
extern int git_iterator_current_is_ignored(git_iterator *iter);
* Iterate into a workdir directory.
* Workdir iterators do not automatically descend into directories (so that
* when comparing two iterator entries you can detect a newly created
* directory in the workdir). As a result, you may get S_ISDIR items from
* a workdir iterator. If you wish to iterate over the contents of the
* directories you encounter, then call this function when you encounter
* a directory.
* If there are no files in the directory, this will end up acting like a
* regular advance and will skip past the directory, so you should be
* prepared for that case.
* On non-workdir iterators or if not pointing at a directory, this is a
* no-op and will not advance the iterator.
extern int git_iterator_advance_into_directory(
git_iterator *iter, const git_index_entry **entry);
extern int git_iterator_cmp(
git_iterator *iter, const char *path_prefix);
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