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* Copyright (C) 2009-2012 the libgit2 contributors
* This file is part of libgit2, distributed under the GNU GPL v2 with
* a Linking Exception. For full terms see the included COPYING file.
#ifndef INCLUDE_vector_h__
#define INCLUDE_vector_h__
#include "git2/common.h"
typedef int (*git_vector_cmp)(const void *, const void *);
typedef struct git_vector {
size_t _alloc_size;
git_vector_cmp _cmp;
void **contents;
size_t length;
int sorted;
} git_vector;
#define GIT_VECTOR_INIT {0}
int git_vector_init(git_vector *v, size_t initial_size, git_vector_cmp cmp);
void git_vector_free(git_vector *v);
void git_vector_clear(git_vector *v);
int git_vector_dup(git_vector *v, git_vector *src, git_vector_cmp cmp);
void git_vector_swap(git_vector *a, git_vector *b);
void git_vector_sort(git_vector *v);
int git_vector_search(git_vector *v, const void *entry);
int git_vector_search2(git_vector *v, git_vector_cmp cmp, const void *key);
int git_vector_bsearch3(
unsigned int *at_pos, git_vector *v, git_vector_cmp cmp, const void *key);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_vector_bsearch(git_vector *v, const void *key)
return git_vector_bsearch3(NULL, v, v->_cmp, key);
GIT_INLINE(int) git_vector_bsearch2(
git_vector *v, git_vector_cmp cmp, const void *key)
return git_vector_bsearch3(NULL, v, cmp, key);
GIT_INLINE(void *) git_vector_get(git_vector *v, size_t position)
return (position < v->length) ? v->contents[position] : NULL;
GIT_INLINE(const void *) git_vector_get_const(const git_vector *v, size_t position)
return (position < v->length) ? v->contents[position] : NULL;
#define GIT_VECTOR_GET(V,I) ((I) < (V)->length ? (V)->contents[(I)] : NULL)
GIT_INLINE(void *) git_vector_last(git_vector *v)
return (v->length > 0) ? git_vector_get(v, v->length - 1) : NULL;
#define git_vector_foreach(v, iter, elem) \
for ((iter) = 0; (iter) < (v)->length && ((elem) = (v)->contents[(iter)], 1); (iter)++ )
#define git_vector_rforeach(v, iter, elem) \
for ((iter) = (v)->length; (iter) > 0 && ((elem) = (v)->contents[(iter)-1], 1); (iter)-- )
int git_vector_insert(git_vector *v, void *element);
int git_vector_insert_sorted(git_vector *v, void *element,
int (*on_dup)(void **old, void *new));
int git_vector_remove(git_vector *v, unsigned int idx);
void git_vector_pop(git_vector *v);
void git_vector_uniq(git_vector *v);
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