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smart_pkt: treat empty packet lines as error

The Git protocol does not specify what should happen in the case
of an empty packet line (that is a packet line "0004"). We
currently indicate success, but do not return a packet in the
case where we hit an empty line. The smart protocol was not
prepared to handle such packets in all cases, though, resulting
in a `NULL` pointer dereference.

Fix the issue by returning an error instead. As such kind of
packets is not even specified by upstream, this is the right
thing to do.
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pks-t authored and ethomson committed Nov 15, 2016
1 parent 4ac39c7 commit 84d30d569ada986f3eef527cbdb932643c2dd037
Showing with 5 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 src/transports/smart_pkt.c
  2. +0 −11 src/transports/smart_protocol.c
@@ -437,13 +437,13 @@ int git_pkt_parse_line(

line += PKT_LEN_SIZE;
* TODO: How do we deal with empty lines? Try again? with the next
* line?
* The Git protocol does not specify empty lines as part
* of the protocol. Not knowing what to do with an empty
* line, we should return an error upon hitting one.
if (len == PKT_LEN_SIZE) {
*head = NULL;
*out = line;
return 0;
giterr_set_str(GITERR_NET, "Invalid empty packet");
return GIT_ERROR;

if (len == 0) { /* Flush pkt */
@@ -759,14 +759,6 @@ static int add_push_report_sideband_pkt(git_push *push, git_pkt_data *data_pkt,
line_len -= (line_end - line);
line = line_end;

/* When a valid packet with no content has been
* read, git_pkt_parse_line does not report an
* error, but the pkt pointer has not been set.
* Handle this by skipping over empty packets.
if (pkt == NULL)

error = add_push_report_pkt(push, pkt);

@@ -821,9 +813,6 @@ static int parse_report(transport_smart *transport, git_push *push)

error = 0;

if (pkt == NULL)

switch (pkt->type) {
/* This is a sideband packet which contains other packets */

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