git_futils_find_global_file fails for users with non-ASCII characters in their username #724

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aroben commented May 23, 2012

git_futils_find_global_file contains two calls to getenv, which will return strings encoded via the current code page. But we assume that these strings are UTF-8, which then causes other file-related APIs to fail.

I think we need to call either _wgetenv or GetEnvironmentVariableW, both of which return a UTF-16 string, and then convert it to UTF-8. I believe this matches how we deal with similar issues elsewhere.

/cc @arrbee

arrbee was assigned May 23, 2012


arrbee commented May 23, 2012

Fix in progress


arrbee commented May 23, 2012

Fixing this was pretty easy. Writing the tests - not so much.


arrbee commented May 24, 2012

Perhaps spoke too soon. I'm still having some issues.


arrbee commented May 29, 2012

I believe this issue is now solved. We could probably go even further (there are suggestions about using SHGetFolderPath instead of examining environment variables as we do today), but I think the immediate problem has been taken care of.

arrbee closed this May 29, 2012

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