libgit2 v0.21.1 Maintenance Release

@vmg vmg released this Aug 5, 2014 · 80 commits to maint/v0.21 since this release

The following (critical) fixes have been backported to this maintenance release. All users of the library are encouraged to update.

  • b4d00c1 array: mark the array to grow as volatile
  • f3f9dc0 revwalk: remove preallocation of the uninteresting commits
  • 440a87a Add unit test to test add section without lf at EOF
  • 190fe07 Make sure \n is at the end of config file before a new section is written
  • ace6567 Properly report failure when expanding a packfile
  • f8b4093 refspec: support asterisks in the middle of a pattern
  • 0aa6b7e refspec: short-circuit non-pattern refspecs on transform
  • 18cf389 Include libssh2.h before git2.h (transport.h)
  • dbcb751 Fix git_cred_ssh_interactive_callback signature
  • 0e59463 netops: error out on url without a path
  • 12dcc6e ssh: libssh2_channel_write() behaves like send()
  • 38ddf22 Round up pool alloc sizes for alignment
  • 63ee946 ssh: always declare the libssh2 types
  • aa1b62b ssh: create the right callback signature based on build options
  • 1d43005 ssl: init only once without threads
  • 5838338 Merge pull request #2494 from libgit2/cmn/treebuilder-set-attribute
  • b692568 treebuilder: set the attributes before sorting and inserting