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libgit2 v0.21.3 Maintenance Release

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@ethomson ethomson released this 18 Dec 21:13

The following (critical) fixes have been backported to this maintenance release. All users of the library are encouraged to update.

  • e476e7b index tests: test capitalization before mkdir
  • 90fad07 Plug leaks
  • 188ca62 Create miscapitialised dirs for case-sensitive filesystems
  • 88c8abf Bump version to 0.21.3
  • 2b37e33 Introduce core.protectHFS and core.protectNTFS
  • 581368f path: Use UTF8 iteration for HFS chars
  • 4320180 checkout: disallow bad paths on HFS
  • 8e7a957 reference_create: validate loose names
  • 9686c6b checkout: disallow bad paths on win32
  • 12db885 index: Check for valid paths before creating an index entry
  • 928429c tree: Check for .git with case insensitivy
  • 09361df win32: use NT-prefixed "?" paths
  • b5ee184 clar: wide character comparisons
  • c7e785b tests: use p_ instead of posix func directly