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@pks-t pks-t released this Oct 26, 2018 · 34 commits to maint/v0.27 since this release

This is a bugfix release with the following changes or improvements:

  • Our continuous integration environment has switched from Travis and
    AppVeyor to Azure Pipelines CI.

  • Fix adding worktrees for bare repositories.

  • Fix parsed patches not computing the old respectively new line
    numbers correctly.

  • Fix parsing configuration variables which do not have a section.

  • Fix a zero-byte allocation when trying to detect file renames and
    copies of a diff without any hunks.

  • Fix a zero-byte allocation when trying to resize or duplicate

  • Fix return value when trying to unlock worktrees which aren't

  • Fix returning an unitialized error code when preparing a revision
    walk without any pushed commits.

  • Fix return value of git_remote_lookup when lookup of
    "remote.$remote.tagopt" fails.

  • Fix the revision walk always labelling commits as interesting due
    to a mishandling of the commit date.

  • Fix the packbuilder inserting uninteresting blobs when adding a
    tree containing references to such blobs.

  • Ignore unsupported authentication schemes in HTTP transport.

  • Improve performane of git_remote_prune.

  • Fix detection of whether qsort_r has a BSD or GNU function

  • Fix detection of iconv if it is provided by libc.

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