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libgit2 v0.28.0

@ethomson ethomson released this
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This is the first release of the v0.28 series, "Kummerspeck". The changelog follows.

Changes or improvements

  • The library is now always built with cdecl calling conventions on
    Windows; the ability to build a stdcall library has been removed.

  • Reference log creation now honors core.logallrefupdates=always.

  • Fix some issues with the error-reporting in the OpenSSL backend.

  • HTTP proxy support is now builtin; libcurl is no longer used to support
    proxies and is removed as a dependency.

  • Certificate and credential callbacks can now return GIT_PASSTHROUGH
    to decline to act; libgit2 will behave as if there was no callback set
    in the first place.

  • The line-ending filtering logic - when checking out files - has been
    updated to match newer git (>= git 2.9) for proper interoperability.

  • Symbolic links are now supported on Windows when core.symlinks is set
    to true.

  • Submodules with names which attempt to perform path traversal now have their
    configuration ignored. Such names were blindly appended to the
    $GIT_DIR/modules and a malicious name could lead to an attacker writing to
    an arbitrary location. This matches git's handling of CVE-2018-11235.

  • Object validation is now performed during tree creation in the
    git_index_write_tree_to API.

  • Configuration variable may now be specified on the same line as a section
    header; previously this was erroneously a parser error.

  • When an HTTP server supports both NTLM and Negotiate authentication
    mechanisms, we would previously fail to authenticate with any mechanism.

  • The GIT_OPT_SET_PACK_MAX_OBJECTS option can now set the maximum
    number of objects allowed in a packfile being downloaded; this can help
    limit the maximum memory used when fetching from an untrusted remote.

  • Line numbers in diffs loaded from patch files were not being populated;
    they are now included in the results.

  • The repository's index is reloaded from disk at the beginning of
    git_merge operations to ensure that it is up-to-date.

  • Mailmap handling APIs have been introduced, and the new commit APIs
    git_commit_committer_with_mailmap and git_commit_author_with_mailmap
    will use the mailmap to resolve the committer and author information.
    In addition, blame will use the mailmap given when the

  • Ignore handling for files in ignored folders would be ignored.

  • Worktrees can now be backed by bare repositories.

  • Trailing spaces are supported in .gitignore files, these spaces were
    previously (and erroneously) treated as part of the pattern.

  • The library can now be built with mbedTLS support for HTTPS.

  • The diff status character 'T' will now be presented by the
    git_diff_status_char API for diff entries that change type.

  • Revision walks previously would sometimes include commits that should
    have been ignored; this is corrected.

  • Revision walks are now more efficient when the output is unsorted;
    we now avoid walking all the way to the beginning of history unnecessarily.

  • Error-handling around index extension loading has been fixed. We were
    previously always misreporting a truncated index (#4858).

API additions

  • The index may now be iterated atomically using git_index_iterator.

  • Remote objects can now be created with extended options using the
    git_remote_create_with_opts API.

  • Diff objects can now be applied as changes to the working directory,
    index or both, emulating the git apply command. Additionally,
    git_apply_to_tree can apply those changes to a tree object as a
    fully in-memory operation.

  • You can now swap out memory allocators via the
    GIT_OPT_SET_ALLOCATOR option with git_libgit2_opts().

  • You can now ensure that functions do not discard unwritten changes to the
    index via the GIT_OPT_ENABLE_UNSAVED_INDEX_SAFETY option to
    git_libgit2_opts(). This will cause functions that implicitly re-read
    the index (eg, git_checkout) to fail if you have staged changes to the
    index but you have not written the index to disk. (Unless the checkout
    has the FORCE flag specified.)

    At present, this defaults to off, but we intend to enable this more
    broadly in the future, as a warning or error. We encourage you to
    examine your code to ensure that you are not relying on the current
    behavior that implicitly removes staged changes.

  • Reference specifications can be parsed from an arbitrary string with
    the git_refspec_parse API.

  • You can now get the name and path of worktrees using the
    git_worktree_name and git_worktree_path APIs, respectively.

  • The ref field has been added to git_worktree_add_options to enable
    the creation of a worktree from a pre-existing branch.

  • It's now possible to analyze merge relationships between any two
    references, not just against HEAD, using git_merge_analysis_for_ref.

API removals

  • The git_buf_free API is deprecated; it has been renamed to
    git_buf_dispose for consistency. The git_buf_free API will be
    retained for backward compatibility for the foreseeable future.

  • The git_otype enumeration and its members are deprecated and have
    been renamed for consistency. The GIT_OBJ_ enumeration values are
    now prefixed with GIT_OBJECT_. The old enumerations and macros
    will be retained for backward compatibility for the foreseeable future.

  • Several index-related APIs have been renamed for consistency. The
    GIT_IDXENTRY_ enumeration values and macros have been renamed to
    be prefixed with GIT_INDEX_ENTRY_. The GIT_INDEXCAP enumeration
    values are now prefixed with GIT_INDEX_CAPABILITY_. The old
    enumerations and macros will be retained for backward compatibility
    for the foreseeable future.

  • The error functions and enumeration values have been renamed for
    consistency. The giterr_ functions and values prefix have been
    renamed to be prefixed with git_error_; similarly, the GITERR_
    constants have been renamed to be prefixed with GIT_ERROR_.
    The old enumerations and macros will be retained for backward
    compatibility for the foreseeable future.

Breaking API changes

  • The default checkout strategy changed from DRY_RUN to SAFE (#4531).

  • Adding a symlink as .gitmodules into the index from the workdir or checking
    out such files is not allowed as this can make a Git implementation write
    outside of the repository and bypass the fsck checks for CVE-2018-11235.