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Latest commit bf15dbf Nov 6, 2017 @pks-t pks-t examples: network: fix Win32 linking errors due to getline
The getline(3) function call is not part of ISO C and, most importantly,
it is not implemented on Microsoft Windows platforms. As our networking
example code makes use of getline, this breaks builds on MSVC and MinGW.
As this code wasn't built prior to the previous commit, this was never

Fix the error by instead implementing a `readline` function, which
simply reads the password from stdin until it reads a newline


libgit2 examples

These examples are a mixture of basic emulation of core Git command line functions and simple snippets demonstrating libgit2 API usage (for use with Docurium). As a whole, they are not vetted carefully for bugs, error handling, and cross-platform compatibility in the same manner as the rest of the code in libgit2, so copy with caution.

That being said, you are welcome to copy code from these examples as desired when using libgit2. They have been released to the public domain, so there are no restrictions on their use.

For annotated HTML versions, see the "Examples" section of:


such as: