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Git + .Net/Mono = ❤
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.nuget add support for running tests inside Visual Studio
CI Change source location of Mono packages
Lib Update libgit2 to e0902fb
LibGit2Sharp.Tests Enhance ObjectDatabase.CanMergeWithoutConflict() test coverage
LibGit2Sharp Remote.PushUrl defaults to Remote.Url
libgit2 @ e0902fb Update libgit2 to e0902fb
nuget.package Make NuGet package copy native binaries on windows only
.editorconfig .editorconfig added to repository
.gitattributes Remove BOM and cleanup .gitattributes
.gitignore Leverage NuGet restore for development dependencies
.gitmodules Fix libgit2 submodule definition to use Https
.mailmap Fix .mailmap
.travis.yml Teach Travis to also monitor master Fix typo Copyrights: update for 2015
LibGit2Sharp.sln Leverage NuGet restore for development dependencies
LibGit2Sharp.sln.DotSettings Include LibGit2Sharp.sln.DotSettings migration change
LibGit2Sharp.v2.ncrunchsolution Sandbox every test Fix typo
UpdateLibgit2ToSha.ps1 Teach UpdateLibgit2ToSha.ps1 to copy native binaries on windows only Add tarring capabilities
appveyor.yml Drop useless appveyor build recipe line
build.libgit2sharp.cmd Leverage NuGet restore for development dependencies Leverage NuGet restore for development dependencies
square-logo.png Add libgit2 project logo


LibGit2Sharp brings all the might and speed of libgit2, a native Git implementation, to the managed world of .Net and Mono.


  • Windows: .Net 4.0+
  • Linux/Mac OS X: Mono 3.6+

Online resources

Troubleshooting and support

  • Usage or programming related question? Post it on StackOverflow using the tag libgit2sharp
  • Found a bug or missing a feature? Feed the issue tracker
  • Announcements and related miscellanea through Twitter (@libgit2sharp)

Current project build status

The CI builds are generously hosted and run on the Travis and AppVeyor infrastructures.

Windows (x86/amd64) Linux/Mac OS X
master master win master nix
vNext vNext win vNext nix

Quick contributing guide

  • Fork and clone locally
  • Create a topic specific branch. Add some nice feature. Do not forget the tests ;-)
  • Send a Pull Request to spread the fun!

More thorough information available in the wiki.



The MIT license (Refer to the file)

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