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Commit does not create reflog entry #371

Haacked opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 5 comments

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Haacked commented Mar 25, 2013

When using the Repository.Commit method to create commits, no reflog entry is created.

Saaman commented Mar 27, 2013

I will work on this one.

libgit2 member
dahlbyk commented Mar 27, 2013

Should this be the domain of libgit2?

libgit2 member

Should this be the domain of libgit2?

Eventually, it should be handled by libgit2. In the meantime, it looks helpful to deal it at the binding level.

@Saaman Could you also bind the reading of the Reflog as part of this? Something like

IEnumerable<Reflog> reflogs = repo.Refs.Log(string canonicalReferenceName);
IEnumerable<Reflog> reflogs = repo.Refs.Log(Reference reference);
Saaman commented Mar 27, 2013

Ok, I will also bind the reading of the Reflog.

libgit2 member

@Saaman ❤️

This was referenced Mar 28, 2013
@nulltoken nulltoken pushed a commit that closed this issue Apr 10, 2013
@Saaman Saaman Insert new reflog entry on commit
Fix #371

Insert entry on HEAD and target direct reference on commit
Tag as initial the first commit
@nulltoken nulltoken closed this in 90c9b20 Apr 10, 2013
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