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{spawn} = require 'child_process'
showinfo = (args) ->"Spawn: ", args.join(" "))
module.exports =
passthru: (args...) ->
callback = ->
callback = args.pop() if "function" == typeof args[args.length-1]
proc = spawn '/usr/bin/env', args
proc.stdout.pipe process.stdout
proc.stderr.pipe process.stderr
proc.on 'exit', (code) ->"Exited with status: " + code) if code
task 'build', 'Compile CoffeeScript to JavaScript.', ->
module.exports.passthru 'coffee', '-o', 'lib/', '-c', 'src/'
task 'test', 'Run the unit tests.', ->
module.exports.passthru 'mocha' # or your test runner
# exec 'mv NPM-index.js index.js; npm publish; mv index.js NPM-index.js'
task 'publish', 'Publish the NPM module.', ->
module.exports.passthru 'mv', 'NPM-index.js', 'index.js', (code) ->
module.exports.passthru 'npm', 'publish', '.', (code) ->
module.exports.passthru 'mv', 'index.js', 'NPM-index.js'
task "watch", "Watch coffee/ for changes and compile them to lib/", ->
module.exports.passthru "coffee", "-o", "lib/", "-w", "-c", "src/"
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