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[![build status](](
+## Installation
+Gitteh requires `node 0.8`, `CMake 2.6` and `gcc`. Installation via NPM:
+ npm install gitteh
## What?
Node bindings to the excellent [libgit2]( C library. Right now, the bindings cover read only access to raw objects (trees/commits/blobs/tags/references), and basic access to remotes (including basic cloning/fetching support).
@@ -16,21 +22,11 @@ Gitteh aims to:
There's a few libraries out there that wrap git cli commands, parsing the output and such. This is a perfectly acceptable solution. Node-gitteh provides first-class support to work with a git repository on a low level, and does not require git.git (and its myriad of dependencies) to be installed in the server environment.
-## Installation
-Gitteh has been written for Node v0.6.x and higher.
-Installation can be done via npm.
- npm install gitteh
-Currently, installing gitteh will require CMake 2.6+ to be present on your machine. Ideally gitteh should be able to build the underlying libgit2 dependency using `gyp`, as it ships with all recent versions of npm. If you need this (for example for deployment to Heroku), feel free to contact me, or better yet, contribute it yourself!
[Documentation can be found here]( You should also check out the examples in the examples/ dir in the repo.
## License
-Gitteh is MIT licensed to be consistent with libgit2.
+Gitteh is available under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.
## Contributing
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