Cannot compile latest version of gitteh or v0.1.0 #28

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iamwilhelm commented Jul 28, 2012

As you know, you currently can't npm install gitteh.

Since the last version of libgit2 that gitteh is compatible with (v0.16.0) is unavailable on brew (for macs), and a pre-compiled package doesn't exist for ubuntu, I'm trying to compile it myself.

As far as I can tell, to compile:

node-waf configure --use-bundled-libgit2 && node-waf build

However, I can't, since gitteh seem to barf when compiling libgit2. It seems like the submodule version it checks out is always the latest, rather than fixing it to a particular commit, and thus, the latest libgit2 v0.17.0 is incompatible with gitteh v0.1.0

If I'm trying to compiile v0.1.0 (the last release on npm), which version (or commit) of libgit2 should I get so that the build scripts work?

And in addition, how is the progression on the next version of gitteh that's compatible with libgit2 v0.17.0 progressing? Should I switch to a different git library? I see in the other issues threads that a year ago, you stopped work on gitteh, and you're using node-git now. However, in the latest posts and the recent commits (about a month ago) indicate that you were working on a new release?


iamwilhelm commented Jul 29, 2012

The primary problem is that the wscript is outdated. I've fixed this for the earlier v0.1.0 while we wait for the next release of gitteh that's compatible with libgit2 v0.17.0.

Check out the wscript at:

in order to install it, just add the following in the dependencies part of your package.json

"gitteh": "git://",

And run "npm install", and then it should work.

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