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Nodenv error #57

ben opened this Issue · 5 comments

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ben commented

I'm running OSX with a boxen/homebrew nodenv, and I'm getting this error:

$ npm test
nodenv: version `0.10.5' is not installed

I have several node versions installed, including 0.10.5. Applying this patch makes node commands work again:

diff --git a/.node-version b/.node-version
index 9028ec6..adc2d17 100644
--- a/.node-version
+++ b/.node-version
@@ -1 +1 @@

Does anybody else have this problem?


Forgive my ignorance, but is .node-version necessary at all?
Won't people have different versions?


@jmendeth I stuck it the repo for teh lulz, it wouldn't affect end-users but I thought it'd be nice to have a fixed baseline for committers, might avoid any weird oddities between minor versions of Node. For example a large number of versions in the 0.8.x series had a weird SSL bug I ran into on one of my other projects.

@ben I personally am not having that issue. I installed nodenv very recently, perhaps your nodenv is older?

ben commented
$ nodenv --version
nodenv 0.3.3

We may have divergent nodenvs; mine comes from wfarr/nodenv, and you probably have OiNutter/nodenv.

Does it hurt to put the 'v' at the front? It'd be nice to be compatible with both.


@ben The version tags at the Node repository have the v, so...


@ben Oh lawdy, didn't realize there was two different implementations of the exact same thing .... -_-

"v0.10.5" doesn't work with OiNutter's version, so I'm just going to throw all the toys out of the cot and remove that file altogether.

@samcday samcday closed this in 33b220b
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