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PHP-Git2 - libgit2 bindings in PHP

php-git2 is a PHP bindings to the libgit2 linkable C Git library. this extension are re-writing php-git as that code too dirty.

Installing And Running

git clone
cd php-git2
sudo make Install


Repository Access

$repo = new Git2\Repository($path);
  bool = $repo->isExist(string sha1)
  Git2\Object = $repo->read(string sha1)
  string sha1 = $repo->hash(string content, long type)
  string sha1 = $repo->write(string content, long type)
  bool = $repo->isBare()
  bool = $repo->isEmpty()
  bool = $repo->headDetached()
  bool = $repo->headOrphan()
  string path = Git2\Repository::discover("/Users/chobie/projects/work/repo/lib/subdir");
  // => /Users/chobie/projects/work/repo/.git

  Git2\Repository = Git2\Repository::init(string $path, bool isBare)

Object Access


$repo = Git2\Repository::init("/path/to/repo",true);

$author = new Git2\Signature("Shuhei Tanuma","",new DateTime());

$bld = new Git2\TreeBuilder();
$bld->insert(new Git2\TreeEntry(array(
    "name" => "README.txt",
    "oid" => "63542fbea05732b78711479a31557bd1b0aa2116",
    "attributes" => octdec('100644'),
$tree = $bld->write($repo);

$parent = "";
$parents = array();
for ($i = 0; $i< 10;$i++){
    $parent = Git2\Commit::create($repo, array(
        "author"    => $author,
        "committer" => $author,
        "message"   => "Hello World: {$i}",
        "tree"      => $tree,
        "parents"   => $parents,
    $parents = array($parent);
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