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* odb.h *
typedef struct {
void *data; /**< Raw, decompressed object data. */
size_t len; /**< Total number of bytes in data. */
git_otype type; /**< Type of this object. */
} git_obj;
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_odb_open(git_odb **out, const char *objects_dir);
GIT_EXTERN(void) git_odb_close(git_odb *db);
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_odb_read(git_obj *out, git_odb *db, const git_oid *id);
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_odb_write(git_oid *id, git_odb *db, git_obj *obj);
GIT_INLINE(void) git_obj_close(git_obj *obj)
GIT_EXTERN(const char *) git_obj_type_to_string(git_otype type);
GIT_EXTERN(git_otype) git_obj_string_to_type(const char *str);
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_obj_hash(git_oid *id, git_obj *obj);
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_odb_exists(git_odb *db, const git_oid *id);
* repository.h *
GIT_EXTERN(git_repository *) git_repository_alloc(git_odb *odb);
GIT_EXTERN(git_repository_object *) git_repository_lookup(git_repository *repo, const git_oid *id, git_otype type);
GIT_EXTERN(void) git_repository_object_free(git_repository_object *object);
GIT_EXTERN(void) git_repository_free(git_repository *repo);
typedef struct {
/** raw binary formatted id */
unsigned char id[GIT_OID_RAWSZ];
} git_oid;
* commit.h *
GIT_EXTERN(git_commit *) git_commit_lookup(git_repository *repo, const git_oid *id);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_oid *) git_commit_id(git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(const char *) git_commit_message_short(git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(const char *) git_commit_message(git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(time_t) git_commit_time(git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_person *) git_commit_committer(git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_person *) git_commit_author(git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_tree *) git_commit_tree(git_commit *commit);
* tag.h *
GIT_EXTERN(git_tag *) git_tag_lookup(git_repository *repo, const git_oid *id);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_oid *) git_tag_id(git_tag *tag);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_repository_object *) git_tag_target(git_tag *t);
GIT_EXTERN(git_otype) git_tag_type(git_tag *t);
GIT_EXTERN(const char *) git_tag_name(git_tag *t);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_person *) git_tag_tagger(git_tag *t);
GIT_EXTERN(const char *) git_tag_message(git_tag *t);
* tree.h *
GIT_EXTERN(git_tree *) git_tree_lookup(git_repository *repo, const git_oid *id);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_oid *) git_tree_id(git_tree *tree);
GIT_EXTERN(size_t) git_tree_entrycount(git_tree *tree);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_tree_entry *) git_tree_entry_byname(git_tree *tree, const char *filename);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_tree_entry *) git_tree_entry_byindex(git_tree *tree, int idx);
GIT_EXTERN(uint32_t) git_tree_entry_attributes(const git_tree_entry *entry);
GIT_EXTERN(const char *) git_tree_entry_name(const git_tree_entry *entry);
GIT_EXTERN(const git_oid *) git_tree_entry_id(const git_tree_entry *entry);
* common.h *
typedef struct git_person {
char name[64]; /**< Full name */
char email[64]; /**< Email address */
time_t time; /**< Time when this person commited the change */
} git_person;
* revwalk.h *
#define GIT_SORT_NONE (0)
#define GIT_SORT_TOPOLOGICAL (1 << 0)
#define GIT_SORT_TIME (1 << 1)
#define GIT_SORT_REVERSE (1 << 2)
GIT_EXTERN(git_revwalk *) git_revwalk_alloc(git_repository *repo);
GIT_EXTERN(void) git_revwalk_reset(git_revwalk *walker);
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_revwalk_push(git_revwalk *walk, git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(int) git_revwalk_hide(git_revwalk *walk, git_commit *commit);
GIT_EXTERN(git_commit *) git_revwalk_next(git_revwalk *walk);
GIT_EXTERN(void) git_revwalk_sorting(git_revwalk *walk, unsigned int sort_mode);
GIT_EXTERN(void) git_revwalk_free(git_revwalk *walk);
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