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Use gem instead of requiring libgit2 #80

stereobooster opened this Issue Jun 20, 2012 · 3 comments

4 participants


Create gem which provides binaries of libgit2. The same way as it done for v8 with libv8


libgit2 doesn't take as long to compile as v8, so we may do this in the future. I think it's a very low priority right now though.

vsizov commented Oct 15, 2012

That would make your test more trusty.
I do now:

require "rugged"
r ="/tmp/example.git") => #<Rugged::Repository:0x00000002779460 @encoding=#<Encoding:UTF-8>>

And getting error:

NoMethodError: undefined method `last_commit' for #<Rugged::Repository:0x00000002e939a8>

When I am using compiled version then everything works fine.

libgit2 member

I'm not even sure what this issue is exactly about. If you want to have libgit2 statically linked compiled into Rugged, the simplest way is to use bundler and specify Rugged as a git gem dependency, with the submodules: true option.

I'll close this for now - please reply to this issue if you've any more questions.

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