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Ideas for a future version of febootstrap.
The name
The name 'febootstrap' confuses everyone. I'd like to rename the
program to 'supermin' and rename 'febootstrap-supermin-helper' to
'hostfiles' causes lots of trouble, because it bakes path dependencies
into the supermin appliance.
We propose to replace this with a list of root packages. Lines in
hostfiles beginning with a "+" sign are a root package, eg:
We then query RPM or dpkg to get a list of hostfiles at appliance boot
time. eg. For rpm we'd do the rpmlib equivalents of:
rpm -ql bash # list of files in bash
rpm -qR bash # what bash requires
rpm -q --whatprovides <depN> # recursively look up each requires
(If this is too slow, aggressively cache the results)
Some files still need to be stored at build time, basically %config
Unclear what to do about kernels if we make this change.
'hostfiles' may still be needed for a handful of files that we really
want to copy in. Notable ones: /etc/localtime and /etc/resolv.conf.
Store %post scripts
Can we get the %post scripts and store them in a directory in the
Reconstruction is tied to having directories being created before they
are used. We should try to remove this limitation as it's really
quite unnecessary.
Use libsolv or hawkey for dependency resolution
Using Python + yum to resolve RPM dependencies is sucky and slow. We
should look at the combination of DNF, libsolv and hawkey to replace
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