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#!/bin/bash -
HOSTNAME="$(hostname -s)"
# Helper functions.
failed ()
mail -s "$HOSTNAME $PROJECT FAILED $1 $gitsha" $MAILTO < local-log
ok ()
mail -s "$HOSTNAME $PROJECT success $gitsha" $MAILTO < local-log
set -e
set -x
rm -f local-log
cat > local-log <<EOF
This is an automatic message generated by the builder on
$HOSTNAME for $PROJECT. Log files from the build
follow below.
$(uname -a)
exec >> local-log 2>&1
# Pull from the public repo so that we don't need ssh-agent.
git pull --rebase git:// master
git clean -d -f
# The git version we are building.
gitsha=$(git log|head -1|awk '{print $2}')
# Do the configure step.
./ || {
failed "configure step"
exit 1
# Do the build step.
make || {
failed "build step"
exit 1
# Run the tests.
make check || {
failed "tests"
exit 1
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