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Roadmap for future releases
Before you read this:
(1) To see what's in the current release, read 'RELEASE-NOTES'.
(2) To see the list of bugs, read 'BUGS'.
(3) To understand libguestfs versioning, read this:
(4) For general "might be good to have" items, see 'TODO'.
For next major stable release (1.20)
* Allow remote libvirt volumes to be accessed. This requires some
enhancements to libvirt which have been agreed but not yet
Bugs assigned to 1.20 (put "1.20" in the Devel Whiteboard field in
Beyond 1.20
* Make 'guestfish --ro' be the default, and get users to use
'guestfish --rw' for write access (but allow the default to be
overridden in a configuration file). This was originally planned
for 1.10 but there's not nearly enough adoption of the new
'guestfish --rw' option out there to do this yet.
* Allow alternate methods to start the appliance, including through
libvirt, by connecting to an existing appliance, and remotely over
ssh. Libvirt integration was originally planned for 1.10 but we
didn't get patches in time.
* Write a new partition handling library to replace parted, and use it
instead of parted. (RHBZ#593511, RHBZ#642821).
* Hot plugging of disks using QMP. This would allow more efficient
reuse of the appliance in some circumstances: multiple disks
(ie. VMs) can be added in turn to the same appliance. In particular
this would help virt-df.
[Note this requires upstream work on QMP, see:]
See TODO and BUGS files.
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