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(* libguestfs
* Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Red Hat Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
(* Please read generator/README first. *)
open Unix
open Printf
open Pr
open Actions
open Structs
open Api_versions
open Types
open C
open Xdr
open Daemon
open Tests_c_api
open Fish
open Ocaml
open Perl
open Python
open Ruby
open Java
open Haskell
open Csharp
open Php
open Erlang
open Gobject
open Bindtests
open Errnostring
let perror msg = function
| Unix_error (err, _, _) ->
eprintf "%s: %s\n" msg (error_message err)
| exn ->
eprintf "%s: %s\n" msg (Printexc.to_string exn)
(* Main program. *)
let () =
let lock_fd =
try openfile "BUGS" [O_RDWR] 0
| Unix_error (ENOENT, _, _) ->
eprintf "\
You are probably running this from the wrong directory.
Run it from the top source directory using the command
make -C generator stamp-generator
exit 1
| exn ->
perror "open: BUGS" exn;
exit 1 in
(* Acquire a lock so parallel builds won't try to run the generator
* twice at the same time. Subsequent builds will wait for the first
* one to finish. Note the lock is released implicitly when the
* program exits.
(try lockf lock_fd F_LOCK 1
with exn ->
perror "lock: BUGS" exn;
exit 1);
(* Read the API versions file. *)
load_api_versions "src/api-support/added";
output_to "src/guestfs_protocol.x" generate_xdr;
output_to "src/guestfs.h" generate_guestfs_h;
output_to "src/guestfs-internal-actions.h" generate_internal_actions_h;
output_to "src/actions.c" generate_client_actions;
output_to "src/bindtests.c" generate_bindtests;
output_to "src/guestfs-structs.pod" generate_structs_pod;
output_to "src/guestfs-actions.pod" generate_actions_pod;
output_to "src/guestfs-availability.pod" generate_availability_pod;
output_to "src/errnostring-gperf.gperf" generate_errnostring_gperf;
output_to "src/errnostring.c" generate_errnostring_c;
output_to "src/errnostring.h" generate_errnostring_h;
output_to "src/MAX_PROC_NR" generate_max_proc_nr;
output_to "src/libguestfs.syms" generate_linker_script;
output_to "daemon/actions.h" generate_daemon_actions_h;
output_to "daemon/stubs.c" generate_daemon_actions;
output_to "daemon/names.c" generate_daemon_names;
output_to "daemon/optgroups.c" generate_daemon_optgroups_c;
output_to "daemon/optgroups.h" generate_daemon_optgroups_h;
output_to "tests/c-api/tests.c" generate_tests;
output_to "fish/cmds-gperf.gperf" generate_fish_cmds_gperf;
output_to "fish/cmds.c" generate_fish_cmds;
output_to "fish/completion.c" generate_fish_completion;
output_to "fish/event-names.c" generate_fish_event_names;
output_to "fish/fish-cmds.h" generate_fish_cmds_h;
output_to "fish/guestfish-commands.pod" generate_fish_commands_pod;
output_to "fish/guestfish-actions.pod" generate_fish_actions_pod;
output_to "fish/prepopts.c" generate_fish_prep_options_c;
output_to "fish/prepopts.h" generate_fish_prep_options_h;
output_to "ocaml/guestfs.mli" generate_ocaml_mli;
output_to "ocaml/" generate_ocaml_ml;
output_to "ocaml/guestfs-c-actions.c" generate_ocaml_c;
output_to "ocaml/" generate_ocaml_bindtests;
output_to "perl/Guestfs.xs" generate_perl_xs;
output_to "perl/lib/Sys/" generate_perl_pm;
output_to "perl/" generate_perl_bindtests;
output_to "python/guestfs-py.c" generate_python_c;
output_to "python/" generate_python_py;
output_to "python/" generate_python_bindtests;
output_to "ruby/ext/guestfs/_guestfs.c" generate_ruby_c;
output_to "ruby/bindtests.rb" generate_ruby_bindtests;
output_to "java/com/redhat/et/libguestfs/" generate_java_java;
List.iter (
fun (typ, jtyp) ->
let cols = cols_of_struct typ in
let filename = sprintf "java/com/redhat/et/libguestfs/" jtyp in
output_to filename (generate_java_struct jtyp cols)
) camel_structs;
output_to "java/" generate_java_makefile_inc;
output_to "java/com_redhat_et_libguestfs_GuestFS.c" generate_java_c;
output_to "java/com/redhat/et/libguestfs/.gitignore" generate_java_gitignore;
output_to "java/" generate_java_bindtests;
output_to "haskell/Guestfs.hs" generate_haskell_hs;
output_to "haskell/Bindtests.hs" generate_haskell_bindtests;
output_to "csharp/Libguestfs.cs" generate_csharp;
output_to "php/extension/php_guestfs_php.h" generate_php_h;
output_to "php/extension/guestfs_php.c" generate_php_c;
output_to "erlang/guestfs.erl" generate_erlang_erl;
output_to "erlang/erl-guestfs.c" generate_erlang_c;
output_to ~perm:0o555 "erlang/bindtests.erl" generate_erlang_bindtests;
output_to "gobject/bindtests.js" generate_gobject_js_bindtests;
output_to "gobject/" generate_gobject_makefile;
output_to "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject.h" generate_gobject_header;
output_to "gobject/docs/guestfs-title.sgml" generate_gobject_doc_title;
List.iter (
fun (typ, cols) ->
let short = sprintf "struct-%s" typ in
let filename =
sprintf "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject/%s.h" short in
output_to filename (generate_gobject_struct_header short typ cols);
let filename = sprintf "gobject/src/%s.c" short in
output_to filename (generate_gobject_struct_source short typ cols)
) structs;
delete_except_generated "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject/struct-*.h";
delete_except_generated "gobject/src/struct-*.c";
List.iter (
| ({ name = name; style = (_, _, (_::_ as optargs)) } as f) ->
let short = sprintf "optargs-%s" name in
let filename =
sprintf "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject/%s.h" short in
output_to filename
(generate_gobject_optargs_header short name optargs f);
let filename = sprintf "gobject/src/%s.c" short in
output_to filename
(generate_gobject_optargs_source short name optargs f)
| { style = _, _, [] } -> ()
) all_functions;
delete_except_generated "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject/optargs-*.h";
delete_except_generated "gobject/src/optargs-*.c";
output_to "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject/tristate.h"
output_to "gobject/src/tristate.c" generate_gobject_tristate_source;
output_to "gobject/include/guestfs-gobject/session.h"
output_to "gobject/src/session.c" generate_gobject_session_source;
(* Generate the list of files generated -- last. *)
printf "generated %d lines of code\n" (get_lines_generated ());
let files = List.sort compare (get_files_generated ()) in
output_to "generator/files-generated.txt"
(fun () -> List.iter (pr "%s\n") files);
(* Always generate this file last, and unconditionally. It's used
* by the Makefile to know when we must re-run the generator.
let chan = open_out "generator/stamp-generator" in
fprintf chan "1\n";
close_out chan
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